Marys Creek – Incubic Twin (Marys Creek Records)


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On 14 March 2015
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Solid bombastic hard rock from Sweden.


Formed in Sweden back in 2004 and to date released one full length album back in 2007 and now this EP. There is not an awful lot of information of what they have done in the interim. This EP contains five tracks which kicks in with the high energy “Forever Lost” which has a big bombastic sound with an infectious chorus. According to their press release they are trying to blend “modern heavy metal with the classic melodies of Scandinavian pop tradition”, however don’t let the use of the word pop put you off. The riffs are meaty and the vocals are pristine but not overpowering like some of the modern Euro metal bands. In the songs there are so many influences that can be pinpointed from the more modern sounds of the likes of Delain to the likes of Alice in Chains which is very apparent during “Never Walk Alone” in the choruses. Later period Paradise Lost also springs to mind during “Black Tie Suicide”, which has a creeping verse with the pay off in the choruses. Quite simply the band has a cracking EP here which is memorable, catchy and very familiar. It is not reinventing the wheel but just delivering a solid hard rock punch. With the right promo there is no reason why this wouldn’t be pumping out in rock clubs worldwide.

Track Listing:

• Forever Lost
• Incubic Twin
• Remission Of Sin
• Never Walk Alone
• Black Tie Suicide

Band Members
Mats Nilsson- Vocals
Stefan Halldin- Drums
Peter Hallberg- Guitar
Roger Bergkvist- Bass
Jonas Blomberg- Guitar

Solid bombastic hard rock from Sweden.

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