Making Monsters – Enniskillen, Charlie’s Bar 15/05/2015

Enniskillen’s Charlie’s Bar is fast becoming the location to find the finest in rock based music in the local and surrounding area.  It is constantly been utilised by many promoters who bring in a variety of musical acts to cater to a vast array of people.

On this occasion, Penny Jar Promotions have organised a ‘Derry invasion in the form of Making Monsters and Axecatcher, with local band Attack The Day providing support for the night. There has been a particular buzz circulating in the local area about this gig as it is something unique and special from the outset.

Attack the Day, who are building upon each gig and utilising this experience to become an even more, well rounded musical act. Their brand of pop-tinged alternative metal is always a welcome addition to any gig:  their talent is evident from the outset as they kick the night into gear with a high octane set that consisted of material from their upcoming EP, along with covers that show respect to their influences.  These covers include ‘Omen’ by The Prodigy and ‘Fat Lip’ by Sum 41, which provokes a tremendous response from the people in attendance.

Axecatcher take the stage next and inject a further dose of energy into the night’s proceedings. Although each member of the band is extremely talented in their role, lead singer Karson Browne engages with the crowd like a lead singer should.  The stage could not hold him as he walked among the onlookers and sang with tremendous passion and ferocity.  With the set over, the crowd voiced their opinion and called for one more song, which unfortunately was not granted due to a broken guitar string.  In saying this, I believe that one more song wouldn’t have been enough to satisfy the lively crowd.

Making MonstersThe anticipation for Making Monsters is evident in the crowd’s lively reaction to the band taking the stage.  From the moment they start playing, the experience and talent between each of the band members is obvious to be seen.  Lead singer, Emma Gallagher comes across with a quiet, yet confident demeanour, which causes me to be surprised when she starts to sing.  She is a versatile singer who is able to comfortably switch between modern scream vocals and more melodic singing.  Just like Karson Browne, the stage could not contain her and she found herself climbing the rafters in the bar, surveying the energetic crowd before her.  After playing the fan favourite song, ‘Nosebleed’, they grant the request of the crowd for an additional song, before concluding their set.

The crowd lingers on as they converse between themselves and the band members who are still in attendance.  This was truly a brilliant night and as I mentioned earlier, it was a unique night and it will be one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Review and photographs by Jason Gallagher.

  • Axecatcher and Attack The Day play the PlanetMosh stage at Monsters of Rot on August 1.

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