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On 6 August 2018
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An excellent album that's well worth checking out.

German hard rock band Mad Max release their new album “35” on the 10th August 2018. Why “35” as the title? Well it’s 35 years since the band formed, so it seems like a suitable title. It’s been five years since their last album (Interceptor) was released, but Mad Max aren’t a band that release albums to meet a set timescale (which probably drives their record label crazy) but instead wait till they’re happy they have enough ideas and inspiration to write and record a new album. It’s an approach that should avoid any compromising of quality to meet deadlines, and listening to the album that certainly seems to be the case as this is a great album.

Check out the video for the single – “Beat of the heart”

After 35 years as a band and a dozen EP/album releases, you might forgive a band for taking it easy, but this album shows no sign of Mad Max taking it easy – it’s as fresh and energy packed as if it was their debut.

After the intro (The Hutch) the first song is “Running to paradise”, a song that could easily have been the first single – it’s a fantastic song.

“Beat of the heart” is a song that’s heavy enough to appeal to hard rock fans and at the same time will appeal to melodic rock and AOR fans – another great song.

The bonus track “Paris is burning” is a cover of the Dokken song. They’ve done an excellent job of it, staying fairly true to the original while giving it an updated feel as they add the Mad Max sound. It sounds bigger and better than the original thanks to a great performance from the band and excellent production.

The vocals are great, the guitars are heavy and the songs are superb – a perfect balance between heaviness and melody. They’re catchy and I’m sure will sound great performed live. An excellent album that’s well worth checking out.

Track listing:

1. The Hutch
2. Running to paradise
3. Beat of the heart
4. D.A.M.N
5. Dnowdance
6. Thirty 5
7. Already gone
8. False freedom
9. Goodbye to you
10. Rocky road
11. Paris is burning (bonus track)

An excellent album that's well worth checking out.

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