LOVE. MIGHT. KILL – 2 Big 2 Fail.

Top class Melodic Hard Rock from a band on top of their game.



‘2 Big 2 Fail’ is the second album release from the German 6 piece, and really is a triumphant and well produced collection of classic feel good Rock.
Right from the off with opener and keyboard fueled ’Save My Soul’, quickly followed by the immense ’XTC’, your left in no doubt as to the bands intent and talent. What a vocalist Jan Manenti is, delivering a performance that would grace any stadium rock headline band. Sounding almost Kingdom Come like in places, this is really one of those albums that will have you wielding the tennis racket and brandishing the hair brush as if your life depended on it.
Produced by drummer Michael Ehre (Firewind/Uli Jon Roth) the overall result is one of a highly polished outfit performing at the peak of their powers, listen to the sumptuous ‘The One’ to see what I mean.
In many ways it can’t be a surprise that the album is so good, all the members have a wealth of experience behind them, so can hardly be termed rookies. Having said that, experience counts for nothing if you can’t bring all those elements together in a cohesive way and get it all to gel, and this sticks tighter than glue.
Hearing the power driven riffs of tracks such as ‘The Great Escape’ for example, and believe me I could have picked any number of others, really does send shivers down the spine. It’s not all about the riffs though, the title track is a more subdued and tender affair, taking you back to the heady days of Whitesnake circa ‘1987’, full of beautiful melody and harmonies.
Coming in at five minutes short of an hour, the band pack a hell of a lot into this record but none of the twelve tracks border any where near on being called fillers. ‘We Fall’ is one of the best melodic Power Metal tracks you’ll hear, whilst ‘Big Screen Pleasure (And Pain)’ is just five minutes of the best Hard Rock you’ll have the fortune to listen to, ever.
Put simply this should be an album that will appeal to all Metal fans, it has the lot, power, melody, and a hard edge that is a real joy to get to listen to.
Pass this album by at your peril and detriment.

Rating 9.5/10.


Track Listing;
1. Save My Soul.
2. XTC.
3. Burn The Night.
4. The One.
5. Restless Heart.
6. Home.
7. The Great Escape.
8. Too Big To Fail.
9. We Fall.
10. Big Screen Pleasure (And Pain).
11. Alone.
12. The Perfect Mistake.

Love.Might.Kill are;

Jan Manenti – Vocals.
Christian Stover – Guitar.
Stefan Ellerhorst – Guitar.
Jogi Sweers – Bass.
Sascha Onnen – Keyboards.
Michael Ehre – Drums.
Out now via Massacre Records.




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