Lordi – ‘To Beast Or Not To Beast’

Lordi_CoverIt’s hard to take Lordi seriously – but, by equal measure, it is hard not to take them seriously.

Over the past 21 years – or 11 years in recording terms – Mr Lordi and the various vagabonds with whom he has teamed up on his quest to world domination (and don’t forget he totally annihilated the inanity of the Eurovision Song Contest by turning it back on its perverse self back in 2006), have not only given even the most diehard of metalheads something to smile about, but also have backed up their totally OTT image with some fucking great rawk tunes.

And this, officially the band’s sixth album, is no exception, as it is rammed to the gills with great rock ‘n’ roll moments.  The Kermit The Frog introduced opener, ‘We’re Not Bad For The Kids (We’re Worse)’ – and if that title doesn’t sum up Lordi’s attitude while at the same time giving the middle finger to their critics, nothing else will – kicks off like the bastardised offspring of a supergroup formed by Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and 1970s (i.e. when they were fun) Kiss.

Lordi - The Riff ArtworkFirst single ‘The Riff’ does what it says, a paean to the power of the guitar to produce a catchy hook – while the likes of ‘Something Wicked….’ and ‘I’m The Best’ are just classic Cooper, while ‘Horrifiction’ sounds like Alice and Zombie soundtracking a particularly bad (but that’s always good) David Cronenberg movie.  And for anyone who thinks Mr Lordi might be losing it with a song called ‘Sincerely With Love’… well, you should know better by now…

Personally, I find the comparisons with Rob Zombie hard to avoid – but, I’m a huge fan of the man, and also a massive fan of Lordi and their tongue-in-cheek attitude.  In an era when far too many bands take themselves far too seriously, Lordi delightfully and maniacally bring fun back into fashion, combining kitsch with serious musical ability and great party tunes.

To quote the chorus to ‘I Luv Ugly’ – “All Hail The Freaks!”


Lordi - Mr LordiTrack list:

  1. We’re Not Bad For The Kids (We’re Worse)
  2. I Luv Ugly
  3. The Riff
  4. Something Wicked This Way Comes
  5. I’m The Best
  6. Horrifiction
  7. Happy New Fear
  8. Schizo Doll
  9. Candy For The Cannibal
  10. Sincerely With Love
  11. SCG6 Otus Butcher Clinic

‘To Beast Or Not To Beast’ is released on AFM Records on March 1st.

Lordi bring their latest beastly tour to Ireland and the UK on the following dates:


Thursday May 2nd – The Button Factory, Dublin

Saturday May 4th – Limelight 1, Belfast

Monday May 6th – Warehouse 23, Wakefield

Wednesday May 8th – Ritz, Manchester

Thursday May 9th – The Picture House, Edinburgh

Friday May 10th – The Institute, Birmingham

Saturday May 11th – Rock City, Nottingham

Sunday May 12th – The Forum, London

Check out the official Lordi website at http://www.lordi.fi/

Follow the band on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LordiOfficial

Keep an eye out for Planet Mosh’s interview with Mr Lordi next week.

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