LoE and Civil Service in Hebden Bridge – live review 18/02/23

Post-rock extravaganza up in the hills

Why do I always underestimate how long it takes to get to places, even when a quick look at Google maps will tell me quite clearly, and south Manchester to Hebden Bridge is quite a journey.

Fortunately, Civil Service are only playing their first number when I burst into the main room.  This is the second time I have caught them and theirs is an atmospheric instrumental post-rock sound, some pieces they play have a hypnotic feel to them and Hawkwind vibes are coming through the ether. Their set combines a mix of tracks from Life /// Death along with some new tunes to provide an interesting balance.  Unfortunately, they get a bit lost in the quiet section of one tune but they also take a quick look at Google maps and are back on the musical road in no time.

Civil Service are playing with Din of Celestial Birds on 25th February in Manchester at 33 Oldham Street (that is the name of the venue and the address) and we will be there to review the evening.

Photo by Ant Firmin

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Last of Eden, also known as LoE, have had quite a rise over the last 9 months.  After attending their EP launch in Halifax, along with a couple of shows with Alex Henry Foster I can fully understand why Alex’s Hopeful Tragedy Records signed them.  Fast forward to tonight and their music has matured and their performance is now as solid as a rock, it has a natural heaviness and the band exudes a confidence they hadn’t had previously. 

Lament and The Nine are now brutal bangers live but everything they play takes me on a journey with the projections displayed behind them which work perfectly with their music.  There is a decent crowd here too all heartily cheering both bands along with the loudest noise reserved for the headliners.

You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down delves into proggy territory and People Like People Like Them pulls me in with the classic speech from the film Network “I am as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore”. I am standing here spellbound and by now the band are sounding tight and HUGE!!

The set finale is People Have The Power and it’s a little more upbeat with some math-rock vibes seeping through too.  

Thoroughly impressed I purchase a handful of CDs for the journey home.

LoE will be opening for Hubis on their upcoming tour and judging by this performance LoE are certainly going to give them a run for their money.

Photo by Ant Firmin

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