LIV KRISTINE “Libertine”

Best known these days as front woman for symphonic metal band Leaves Eyes , Liv occasionally veers off the Metal beaten path and does her own thing. Libertine represents her fourth solo effort, and sits quite happily in the Pop Rock camp.

The album manages to encompass a fairly broad range of styles, from the uber radio friendly Vanilla Skin Delight, which features male vocal as well, to the Blondie esque Paris Paris. It is however on tracks such as the hauntingly beautiful Silence that Livs talents come flooding to the fore, a track that has it all, piano intro, then building to an emotional crescendo which I found truly uplifting.

Other album highlights are the title track Libertine, which has more of a rock vibe to it, and is probably the closest we get on the album to the Leaves Eyes sound . An excellent cover of Kate Bush’s The Man With The Child In His Eyes is also very impressive, managing to stay pretty true to the original, which is no mean feat.

The die hard Leaves Eyes fans will lap this up, as will anyone who has listened to any of Livs previous solo efforts but if your buying it and expecting a Metal record then you’ll be disappointed.

Liv has always harboured the desire and passion to create a pop record, a sound that deviates from her usual Metal genre work with Leaves Eyes and Atrocity, and for that she should be applauded, as in my view she has accomplished that goal, and accomplished it very well indeed.

An excellent collection of ballads and pop rock songs that demonstrates what a versatile artist she is.

Rating 8/10.

Track Listing;
1. Interlude.
2. Silence.
3. Solve Me.
4. Panic.
5. Vanilla Skin Delight.
6. Paris Paris.
7. Wait For Rain.
8. Love Crime.
9. Libertine.
10. Meet Me In The Red Sky.
11. The Man With The Child In His Eyes.


Libertine” will be available through Napalm Records from September the 7th.


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