Line Of Fire – Hear Me Scream EP

Hear Me Scream is a 4 track EP from Line Of Fire who are a Nottingham based band.. The band was formed by Paddy along with Rod and Dave from Head Hung Low, which had disbanded. The three of them jammed for a few years and finally completing the line up when Baz joined taking care of bass and vocal duties.

The EP starts off with One Nineteen a catchy Sabbath style track a great combo of powerful drum beats, bass lines, guitar riffs and gruff vocals and lyrics. Great start to the Ep. Bomb Blast (Full Metal Breakdown) kicks off with a wall of guitars and drums, before picking up the pace and treating the listener to some cool guitar solos and punchy vocals. This track should sound fantastic life.

Next up is Lifetime Alone is an epic melodic track over 10 minutes long. The pace slows right down with its acoustic opening riffs with searching lyrics before it changes to a rockier, heavier groove laden beat around a minute and a half in which continues through the song until about 5 minutes in where it picks up pace yet again before swirling back to the melodic style at the start then back up to heavier pace again. The changes in pace and style helps keeps the track fresh.

Fuck Me is a ballsy track packed full of crushing chords, foot stomping drum beats combined with subtle lyrics, lol ;) The vocal style actually reminds me of Motorhead meets Sabbath this track should get folk heads banging.

A superb EP where you can hear the bands influences Black Sabbath, Pantera, BLS etc in every track however each track has its own distinctive style and feel. The production and sound quality is very good for an EP. All the instruments stand out enough, along Baz’s vocals have the right amount of edge to them give them a unique sound.


Rating 8.5/10


Track listing

One Nineteen

Bomb Blast (Full Metal Breakdown)

Lifetime Alone

Fuck Me

Band Members

Baz – Bass and Vocals

Paddy – Guitar

Dave – Guitar

Rod – Drums


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