Lacuna Coil – Delirium

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Lacuna Coil

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On 4 April 2016
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Delirium is beautiful, dark and Lacuna Coil's heaviest album to date, but underneath you can feel the undertones of hope shining through the surrounding darkness.

Lacuna Coil – Delirium

Delirium is the new album from the Italian Gothfathers Lacuna Coil. The band formed back in 1994 and have pulled through, growing and changing like an empty spiral of creativity, never ending and always evolving. From the debut In a Reverie, through to Broken Crown Halo, they have showed versatility and resolve throughout their career regardless of fluctuating personnel. Let’s take a step out of our own sanity and into their Delirium.

From the opening track The House Of Shame you know instinctively know you are in for a real treat when Marco’s bassline rumbles in with the power of a steamroller. With the departure of Maus, he stepped up to the plate on guitar along with bass and keyboards.  In doing so he has created a monster. What I found strangely refreshing yet ironic is that even in the absence of their former guitarist I feel Delirium has more lead guitar parts; I’m especially fond of the solo in Downfall which was contributed to by Alter Bridges’ Myles Kennedy (possibly as a payback for a guest appearance by Cristina with him many moons ago).

Overall Delirium has a much darker feel to it compared to previous albums. What contributes to this darkness is a much fuller sound with the addition of more synths throughout the production. It makes me think that perhaps the recent tour with Motionless In White left its mark on their sound. It is a sound that just further immerses the listener in the insanity of Delirium. Both Andrea and Cristina have really pushed their vocals even further on this release, with Cristina reaching an even higher range and Andrea perfecting his low growls. The dual diversity of their performances enhances each track to solidify the strength of the album.

Lacuna Coil have described Delirium as being, “about the horrors that we must face in everyday life by exploring the unknown, and to one day, hopefully find the cure.”  You can really get that feel from the album, it’s beautiful, dark and their heaviest album to date but underneath it all you can feel the undertones of hope. This is especially portrayed in the vocal melodies of Cristina Scabbia, particularly on Ghost in the Mist, with the full on metal assault and Andrea’s growls being broken up with Cristina’s vocal parts.  To me it’s like a ray of hope shining through all the darkness around.

Delirium has fast become my favourite Lacuna Coil release to date; showing that they are very much here to stay, through all the changes over the years, they’ve become stronger and more creative than ever. I suggest you all let go of the familiar and take a step into Delirium when it hits stores May 27th.

My favourite track is Take Me Home; kicking off with a eerie chant that has haunted my dreams since hearing it! The bass-driven verses and groove of the chorus make this a really special track. It really is a hard task to pick out a favourite though, each track as a stand alone is strong, and really breaks the mould for what we have come to expect from Lacuna Coil.

Track list:

1 – The House Of Shame

2 – Broken Things

3 – Delirium

4 – Blood, Tears, Dust

5 – Downfall

6 – Take Me Home

7 – You Love Me ‘Cause I Hate You

8 – Ghost In The Mist

9 – My Demons

10 – Claustrophobia

11 – Ultima Ratio


Cristina Scabbia – Vocals

Andrea Ferro – Vocals

Ryan Folden – Drums

Marco Coti Zelati – Bass, Guitars, Keyboards and Synths


Delirium is beautiful, dark and Lacuna Coil's heaviest album to date, but underneath you can feel the undertones of hope shining through the surrounding darkness.

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