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On 28 January 2015
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"As The Crow Flies is a slick collection of enthralling tunes"

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untitledAs The Crow Flies is the debut album from Irish four piece Lace Weeper, due to be released on March 2nd.   The band was formed in 2011 by guitarist Matt Hayward and vocalist Sebastian Florek. Os Andres (bass) and Kevin Liffey (drums) complete the line-up.  Since they formed they have toured relentlessly and released 4 EP’s and a Live album since inception. Now in 2015 they are ready to release a long player.  Some might say waiting four years to release a full length album shows expertise in procrastination.  Others might say if that’s the time it takes to perfect your craft and get to the level you want to be at then go ahead and take your time.

Lace Weeper clearly subscribe to the latter theory and have put together an album that proves the point.  It’s rock, grunge, heavy guitars and pounding drums but also quite melodic in places.  The grunge element is emphasised by the appearance of former Nirvana drummer Chad Channing on two tracks, ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie’ and ‘Amend’.  Someone from a band of such stature appearing on your debut album can only be a good thing, although I dare say having listened to it I don’t think they need the help!  Florek has a great rock voice with traces of Chris Cornell and Myles Kennedy, roaring one minute and hitting falsetto highs (The Vice) with ease the next while also comfortable carrying slower melodies as showcased on closing track ‘Amend’.

The band get straight to business with opening track ‘Hard Sell’.  It’s catchy and melodic. Hayward’s guitar solo is brilliant and you will definitely end up singing along.  The guitar plays a huge part in ‘Let Sleeping Dogs Lie’ and with Channing’s drums and Florek’s wailing chorus the song is my pick for track of the album.  Having said that, I can’t pick a track I think is any weaker than the others. The time that has been invested into this album shines through, as does the passion.  Every note sung, every beat of the drums and every string strummed is delivered with a conviction of intent.

After four years and countless gigs Lace Weeper must surely have their performance nailed, and with songs like these a killer tour is most definitely in the offing. As The Crow Flies is an album to which you will enjoy listening but I can imagine it will really come into it’s own when heard live. Lace Weeper have delivered a slick collection of  enthralling tunes that is destined to give them the reward their hard work deserves.

Track Listing:

Hard Sell



Catch 22

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie


The Vice

Red Tape

In Midst The Water

Seven Dwarves





"As The Crow Flies is a slick collection of enthralling tunes"

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