Kylesa – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow – 01/02/2014

.@Kylesa show in Glasgow reviewed by @AnybodyBC for .@PlanetMosh

Another rainy Saturday’s night in Glasgow and one more concert in Kylesa tour, presenting their new album ‘Ultraviolet’. The band started their European tour on 10th of January and will be finishing it in one week in Germany. For the whole month gang have noisy and interesting tour buddies – Sierra and Jagged Vision.
When I popped at ‘Ivory Blacks’ just half an hour after the doors were open, I already saw the very first band on the stage – Isak. These guys are from Dundee/Perth and were added not long ago to this concert as supporting act. The three piece stoner rock band was not too long on the stage and maybe because of that (or maybe not), they did not make any impression to me.

The next act was Jagged Vision and together with them I started to feel that the real concert with the real atmosphere is finally here. These stoner metallers from Norway warmed up the audience with 30 minutes show, even if the club was still only half full. Those, who were early enough to see them, had a chance to see very energetic and intense show in the front with very engaging and talkative vocalist. While I was guessing about the whole concert duration, I did not notice, when just in 15 minutes everything was already ready for the next band – Sierra from Canada. There is one thing to say about them – they are definitely one of those bands, which sounds better live than on the record. My compliments! Although there were only three guys on the stage, I felt that there is something interesting in them to watch. High quality, very technical and good training for your ears as well. The next half an hour passed even faster than previous one and stage was readied for the gig headliners.


The break this time seemed to be longer and  when Kylesa started their show, they had some technical difficulties but after song or two everything seemed to get in to the right order and the real show began! Just in time for the really energetic “Hollow Severer” with which the crowd was ready to lose their minds. The club was crowded and it was really getting hot in ‘Ivory Blacks’. The moshing and stage diving followed up as the “must-be” attribute to a great metal concert. It seemed that it was hot enough on the stage as well, as we heard guitarist and singer Laura Pleasants shouting: “Somebody buy me a beer!” An hour passed as fast as only half on of it and Kylesa was all about to finish their show. The crowd insisted for some more and the band came back for the encore of two great songs. Saturday’s show was already over and it totally rocked Glasgow out! I am sure, that Glaswegians are already waiting for the next Kylesa gig, whenever it will be here.


All photos by Jurga Kalinauskaite

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