Knock Out Kaine – Kandykaine EP (CD)

Knowing where to start describing Knock Out Kaine is the key to this three track EP. So I’ll start in the 80’s with Aerosmith , Waynes World, Mott the Hoople , Twisted Sister, WASP, early Guns N Roses and dare I say even ACDC.
That’s what this band sounds and looks like. Yes they can sing and yes they can play their instruments.

Little Crystal starts us off with the energetic band in full on rocking out mode, powerfull voice , rolling drums, backing vocals and the GNR style of guitars. sing it in the shower.

Coming Home is a beautifull power ballad worthy of a slot in next to your Nazareth collection. Spot on vocals with excellent musicianship.

The final tasty track on this EP justifies the description of the band at the top of this review. Backcomb your hair and download this track for free from the bands new website @ and you will rock to it, oh yes, you will rock to it.

move over Crue, Kaine’s comin’ thru.


  1. Little Crystal
  2. Coming Home
  3. Going Down


 Rate 6.5/10

By Saxon

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Just an old school rocker. Can't stop, Keep rocking kids! Anyone else remember embroidered band logos on your denim rip off jacket before these fucking aweful patches came along?