Jupiterian – ‘Archaic’ EP

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On 6 February 2015
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"...funereal doom-laden sludge metal ... the dankest doom you can imagine..."

Hailing from São Paulo, Jupiterian play the sort of funereal doom-laden sludge metal that is darker and denser than the rainforests which surround their home city.

Jupiterian - ArtworkThis EP was originally released in Brazil last July (and subsequently has been succeeded by a second EP, ‘Proclamation’, in the latter part of 2014) but is now being given a well-deserved international airing ahead of their full-length debut, which the quartet started recording at the end of January.

‘Archaic’ is three tracks of the dankest doom you can imagine:  thick, pounding bass lines, underpinned by subtle, almost incoherent in their amalgamation, drum beats, paint huge pulsating and hypnotic soundscapes, over which massive downtuned guitar riffs stoop and stomp, appealing to and simultaneously wrenching at the basest level of your heart and soul.

The homonymous title track heaves itself over the dark horizon in a wall of feedback, before descending into the chaotic pits of its Lovecraftian underworld with a beautifully struck single note which rings and resonates through the main theme of the song.  ‘Procession Towards The Monolith’ starts in a somewhat lighter mode, but that’s a mere deception, as soon the demons are dragging at your aural senses and pulling you into the depressive clamminess and compact enthralment of its mindnumbing insensibility.  ‘Currents Of Io’, with its movie soundtrack overdubs, is the most progressive of the three songs, retaining the sludginess of its two predecessors yet showing a deftness of touch, especially in the bass lines, which belies the underlying obliviousness of its rich and noble sweep.

It’s hard to find any more adjectives which equate to dank, dark and dense:  if I could find them, they would be applied to this dank, dark and dense mini-opus…


Archaic / Procession Towards The Monolith / Currents Of Io

Recommended listening:  Currents Of Io


"...funereal doom-laden sludge metal ... the dankest doom you can imagine..."

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