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Jim Kirkpatrick

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On 9 October 2020
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On September 4th 2020, guitarist Jim Kirkpatrick took a break from his duties with FM and Rhino’s Revenge to dish out a glorious twelve-track solo album Ballad Of A Prodigal Son. It amassed rave reviews from the music press including a 5/5 rating from myself.

Said album covered a helluva lot of musical styles and the latest release from it is a rollicking journey on the hot rails to hell with a cover of the Status Quo song ‘Gravy Train’ from the In Search Of The Fourth Chord album. Jim commented on the reason for covering the song.

“‘Gravy Train’ is an obscure Status Quo song written by John ‘Rhino’ Edwards and the late, great Rick Parfitt. Rhino is a really good friend of mine and I regularly play the guitar for him in Rhino’s Revenge. ‘Gravy Train’ is one of my favourite songs that we play together. I thought it would fit great on my album. Rhino agreed to me covering the song as long as he played bass. Who could refuse that offer?”

It’s one of the heavier tracks on the album, all raucous barroom boogie at its very best. It’s a four-minute journey on a hot rail to hell, point proven by party time lyrics of “Put my last on the spinning wheel. Ship came in, one big deal”. “Gonna lose my mind, take leave of my senses, don’t give me no bill, put it down to expenses”. This is all topped off by feel-good guitar solos.

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Grab your ticket to ride!

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