Jess and the Ancient Ones- Castenda

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Jess and the Ancient Ones

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On 2 October 2014
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A superb two tracks from an incredible band.

Finnish psychedelic doom  Jess and the Ancient Ones  have, to my delight released  a 10″ two track, Castaneda. JATAO (Jess and the Ancient Ones) possess two things that make them special, superb songwriting and direction.

They know where they wish to bring the listener and how to do it.CastanedaFollowing on from last years ep Astral Sabbat which had the foot stomping title track to hold us over until now Casteneda has surprisingly gone in a different direction by treating us to a flamenco tempo’d number that wouldn’t be out of place in a Robert Rodriguez/ Tarantino movie. This is done while still sounding like JATAO and not losing sight of who they are as a collective. So many bands try to write to sound like somebody else but in the process lose the spark that made them sound so distinct.

‘Casteneda’ opens with swirling and sucking guitar intro and soon settles into  the Mexican/Spanish  inspired groove that gets feet tapping within seconds. Jess’s ethereal and measured vocals are in perfect voice blend seamlessly with a band that sound as always like a band and not just a bunch of musicians playing the same song. Second track  “As to be with him” is a superb signature tune  that could fit anywhere in the back catalogue. Mid paced and reminiscent of a darker 60’s  movement that was bubbling away.There is a something a little special about this 10″, almost like  you’re listening to a classic session from a band that has a long illustrious career to come.  This will evident when they take to supporting the one and only King Diamond on tour soon! Hopefully we get to hear more of this genius soon……

Jess and the Ancient Ones are


Thomas Corpse:  guitar

Thomas Fiend:guitar/backing vox

Von Stroh: guitars

Fast Jake: bass

Yussuf: drums and percussion

Abraham: keyboards, organ, synths



A superb two tracks from an incredible band.

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