JD & The FDCs – Recognise cd review

JD & The FDCs are not what you would call a classic rock ‘n’ roll band, hailing from the Midlands and sporting a fair degree of pedigree in the shape of Jamie Delerict, and made up of former members of Panic, Teenage Casket Company, The Dangerfields, Patchwork Grace and DIP.
Sounding like a punk inspired Wildhearts, is the best way I can describe this band, this album has its roots in rock n roll, tinged with Punk, but also touches base in the pop camp on more than one occasion, and that isn’t surprising when you read the press release that accompanied this copy, you soon find out that Johnny Bonnel, Richard Bacchus, Acey Slade, and Dez Cadena all pop in to contribute something, bringing to the mix, their own style, and in the process they meet up with Jesse Luscious, Carol Hodge, Andee Blacksugar, Rob Lane and Amy Dumas. Quite a guest list.

‘Recognise’ is the title track, and also the first track on the record, I often have misgivings when bands do something like this, as more often than not, the title track is normally the strongest song on the release, and the following songs have a hard job keeping up with, never mind matching that track.
So it’s time to give it a listen, and as ‘Recognise’ comes tearing out of the speakers, I soon find myself nodding along to the track, hoping that the other ten tunes on offer are just as good.
Catchy from the word go, the first two tracks kick ass, full of guitar laden riffs and great chorus section’s, however, track number three, ‘Mirrors and Wires’ takes it up to another level, THIS could easily be the albums stand out track, a soaring vocal opens up to some great multi layered guitar playing, then settles down into a beat that will have you banging your head, all out full on rock n roll, and we’re only on the third track.

Next up is the ridiculously sleazy anthemic ‘Burn This City Down’ a sure fire hit, blending in pop, with punk rock, another sure fire hit.
So with an opening this strong, you are lulled into thinking the band are a one trick genre pony, a very good one trick pony though, but then, as if by magic up pops ‘From The Shadows’ and ‘The Secret’ to give you a kick up the arse. More punky than the previous songs, these two motor along at a break neck speed.
So what can they try their hand at next ?, I hear you cry, well the answer off course is a cover version, the song they have chosen is D Generation’s ‘No Way Out’, There’s no real surprises with this track as its sticks quite faithfully to the original, a job well done.

‘This Town Of Infamy’ is next up, and what a totally different track than anything else on the record, as it doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the album on any level, let’s just say it’s more like a Skiffle song meets an Irish jig that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Pogues record. I hated it the first time I heard it, yet the chorus draws you back in, and I gave it another go, it grows on you, well the chorus does anyway. Genius or utter rubbish? I’ll let you decide.
‘Anti-Destination League’ and ‘Come Dig Me Out’ all smash it as hard as the album’s opening salvo tracks, though these two lean more into punk territory, and that is the end of that. Eleven tracks, most follow the same formula, a couple take a left turn, and one is just so mental,(‘This Town Of Infamy’) it has got to be played live as an encore.

This record had me scratching my head after the first listen, so many styles, musical directions and influences that I really didn’t know how to start writing up this review, so I played it again, and then I played it again, and it got better each time. In fact the track I hated most ‘This Town Of Infamy’ is now one of my favorite tracks, mad I know, but that is what this record does to you, makes you question your own musical taste, challenges you to expand it. This album is full of fun, and makes me smile, so in these current recession troubled times, that’s a good thing, a refreshing 8/10.

1. Recognise
2. Ujpest Dozsa
3. Mirrors & Wires (featuring Rob Lane)
4. Burn This City Down
5. From The Shadows (featuring Dez Cadena and Amy Dumas)
6. The Secret (featuring Acey Slade and Andee Blacksugar)
7. No Way Out (featuring Richard Bacchus)
8. This Town Of Infamy (featuring Johnny Bonnel)
9. Never Gonna Stop
10. Anti-Destination League (featuring Jesse Luscious)
11. Come Dig Me Out (featuring Carol Hodge) *CD exclusive


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