IRON SAVIOR release details for new album “Rise Of The Hero”

German power metal stalwarts Iron Savior will be returning to the album fray at the beginning of March, just two years after the success of their first album back after a four year break, “The Landing” (2011), which saw the band grace the stage of Hammerfest in 2013.

Based around singer and guitarist Piet Sielck, the Hamburg based legends have been busy of late, and have quite a few surprises up their sleeve for the new record, now entitled “Rise Of The Hero”….“As usual, the new album was recorded and produced in my own Powerhouse Studio,” says Sielck. “So, what can be expected? A full dose of first-class, heavy music; power metal to the max! We’ve got one really big surprise for you all though, and so far, it’s just been known as ‘The Surprise Track’….. We recently did a cover version of Mando Diao’s “Dance With Somebody” and, whatever works is allowed, right? Originally it was recorded only as a bonus track for the limited edition, but we simply liked it so much that we finally decided to make it a regular album track…..”

And he’s not wrong…. Yes Mando Diao’s original is now beautifully ‘Saviorized’, but alongside that you’ll still find 11 crunchy, melodic, powerful metal tracks in best Iron Savior style. Compared to “The Landing”, new material possibly even turned out to be a little heavier this time, but no mistake, the band’s trademark style is still very much alive.

“Rise Of The Hero” will be available as a CD, Digipak and limited edition vinyl here, from March 3rd 2014 via AFM Records.

Iron Savior Rise Of the HeroAnd the track listing is confirmed as;
01. Ascendence (Intro)
02. Last Hero
03. Revenge Of The Bride
04. From Far Beyond Time
05. Burning Heart
06. Thunder From The Mountains
07. Iron Warrior
08. Dragon King
09. Dance With Somebody
10. Firestorm
11. The Demon
12. Fistraiser
13. I’ve Been To Hell (2014 – limited edition bonus track)


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