Irdorath, ‘Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches’, cd review.

Formed in 2005 Irdorath can hardly be described as newcomers ,although here in the U.K. we may not be so familiar with the band. All that may be about to change with the release of this their second full length album, which serves up a pure feast of Black Metal sure to please even the most discerning of palates.
Sung in German, backed by some of the most crushing guitar work you’ll hear anywhere the album is nothing short of a triumph. Tracks such as ‘Unter Flammenden Laternen’ and ‘Stummheit’ can stand head held high with anything else available in this genre. And yet the whole album is kept accessible to those who may not normally delve into the Black Metal world, ’Spiegelscherben’ for example incorporates elements of thrash seamlessly, whilst album closer ‘Taubheit’ chucks in a few Power Metal riffs for good measure.
45 minutes of top notch Metal delivered by a band who deserve a crack at the big time.

Rating; 8.5/10.


Irdorath are;
Markus Leitner – Guitar and Vocals.
Manuel Eschenauer – Guitar.
Thomas Leitner – Drums.
Mario Jackisch – Bass.

Track Listing;
1. Dekonstrukteur des Fleisches.
2. Freitodzwang.
3. Blindheit.
4. UnterFlammenden Laternen.
5. Stummheit.
6. Fleischgeword ner Antigott.
7. Bald ersauft die Menschenbrut.
8. Das Stolze Tier.
9. Spiegelscherben.
10. Taubheit.

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