Interview with Pat Carmody – My Dynamite

Planetmosh: OK for anyone who hasnt listened to My Dynamite before, can you tell people a bit about the band and your music?

Pat: We’re a blues based rock n roll band that formed in the pubs and clubs of Melbourne. We’re in to a lot of classic rock and blues from the the 60’s and 70’s and that’s seems to be the driving influence behind our sound. We listen to plenty of soul music too which I think gives our music a lot of feeling.


Planetmosh: Your self titled album, has just been released. Can you tell us a bit about the album?

Pat: Well we like to think the album is a genuine album experience like you used to get back in the day. It’s not a bunch of made-for-radio singles with some filler songs in there. It’s a real album that takes you on a journey from start to finish and we’re proud of every song on it.


Planetmosh: What’s the song writing process in the band – is it a collaborative thing or are there one or two main song writers?

Pat: For the most part, it’s a collaborative thing. In saying that, it’s often Jorge who’ll bring in a riff to rehearsal. Then from there we’ll all throw ideas at the wall and see what sticks. Over time we’ve gotten better at just sorta jammin’ something over and over and letting the song naturally form. I think with rock n roll, if you’re thinking about it too much you’re probably ruining the original magic.


Planetmosh: What are your inspirations for writing the lyrics?

We try to write about things we see and hear going on around us. But we generally try and keep it fun. It’s very easy to write “the world’s against me” lyrics and to be honest that’s not what we’re about. This band’s about letting you forget about the turmoil and worry that’s in your life, let your hair down, shake your ass and feel free, even if just for a short while.

Not to say we don’t touch on some serious subject matter from time to time. Inside Out is about addiction, being at rock bottom but also coming out the other side stronger. Everyone likes a happy ending, haha!


Planetmosh: Are there any plans to tour – in the UK and Europe in particular?

Pat: Absolutely! First of all, we’ve got a couple of big Melbourne shows to do followed by some Australian national touring. Then the plan is to be on a plane to the UK by late 2012/early 2013. We’ve been getting a lot of love from our UK brothers and sisters so we’re pumped to get over there.


Planetmosh: What bands do you think have influenced your music the most?

Pat: The band definitely has a very wide range of influences but the main sound I hear in our music would have to be stuff from the british blues invasion of the 60’s and 70’s. The Stones, Faces, Humble Pie, Zeppelin. Also some Americana sorta stuff like Allman Bros and The Grateful Dead. Those sort of sounds seem to come out of us naturally.


Planetmosh: Which do you prefer and why – CD or legal mp3 downloads ?

Pat: Definitely CD (or even better, vinyl!). Apart from the fact that mp3’s just don’t sound as good I also love when I get a cd or record from a shop, take it home, take the plastic wrapper off and check out the artwork and read the liner notes while listening to the album. It’s a feeling of excitement that I got as a kid and I still get now. Plus we had an amazing artist, Christoph Mueller do the artwork for our album and it was all hand drawn and looks incredible. It’s worth buying the cd just for the artwork inside.


Planetmosh: What was the last album you bought?

Pat: George Harrison: All Things Must Past. After seeing the documentary about his life I went and bought this album. It has completely blown me away and given me a whole new kind of inspiration. He’s now my second favourite Beatle… Can you guess the first?

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