Interview with Erik Danielsson of Watain

Watain - The Wild HuntWith the recent release of Watain‘s sensational new album, “The Wild Hunt“, PlanetMosh had the opportunity to conduct an interview with enigmatic frontman, Erik Danielsson.


How do you think “The Wild Hunt” differs from earlier albums?

It has different songs, different sound, different lyrics and different artwork.


You refer to your shows as being rituals. Will the new songs fit into the new onstage rituals and will they change the live experience?

It would have been quite annoying to realize that our own songs would not fit into our own live shows! They will change the live experience in the sense that they are new songs, yes.


And how do you view people who come to see a Watain ritual predominantly for shock effect and do not understand your true intent?

I don’t view them at all.


Speaking of the live experience, what I’ve always wondered, do you often get in trouble with venues because of the carcasses, fire and stuff?

Yes, quite often indeed. It gets better and better the more people know, but basically as long as we do what we do I foresee trouble. That’s the way it should be though.


Is appearance important for you on stage and in which way is the clothing you wear on stage a part of the overall Watain live experience?

It is obviously quite important yes. Everything you see on stage, be it the molten spine of a cougar or our stage clothes, adds to the flow of energies, which is what a Watain show really is.


The album has been referred to as “Daring” by a number of reviewers. Do you agree with this and was this new daring approach intended?

Of course it is daring. Those who do not dare shall perish.


“The Wild Hunt” is very emotional and I feel, “They Rode on” in particular, is very personal in some ways.

Every Watain song is “very personal”. They Rode On just focuses on certain aspects of our personalities that we have not been able to translate into music until now.


Are there other important influences for the album? And are there other aspects of life itself, works by authors or artists that inspire you?

My quest for liberation inspires me, the holy pilgrimage that I am on with Watain. The Gods that watch over us and their ineffable grace and splendor fills me with a yearning to create the most beautiful and horrifying Temple of words.


Watain is at the forefront of the Black Metal scene. Are there any new bands that you would recommend to our readers?

Yes! Degial and In Solitude from Sweden are two of the most inspiring bands of today! There are quite a few good bands from outside Sweden as well; Vorum, Pseudogod, Venenum and Acrimonious to name a few…


The album has just been released at the end of last month. When can we expect some rituals in the UK and Europe?

Keep your eyes peeled fuckers for a UK tour announcement! Worlds are to burn, the hour is late….



The Wild Hunt” is out now on Century Media Records


“All That May Bleed”




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