In this moment – Blood at the Orpheum DVD

In this moment - Blood at the Orpheum DVDIn this moment are releasing their first ever live DVD.  Recorded at the Orpheum theatre in Madison, Wisconsin on 21st May 2013 on the band’s tour following the release of the album “Blood”, the show took their already theatrical performances up a level.
As anyone who saw them on tour will know, In This Moment have a very theatrical stage show with singer Maria Brink changing costumes, and interacting with props, and on this night that was still the case but they’ve added extra elements to it including some dancers (or “Blood girls” as Maria refers to them).
The setlist contains songs from their whole career but tracks from “Blood” (which in my opinion is their best album yet) make up half the set including “Blood”, “Adrenalize”, “Whore” and “Beast within”.

The sound quality is excellent and surprisingly the picture quality is too.  Why surprisingly?  Well the band do like to use a LOT of smoke in their shows, and that’s without Maria using a CO2 cannon as she does in the show, so with all that smoke then I was expecting the picture quality to suffer but the band obviously chose the venue to film at well as there seems to be enough ventilation that there is still plenty of smoke but it’s not at the level where it spoils the picture – a tough balance to find.  They clearly used quite a lot of cameras to film the show so there are plenty of camera angles ranging from the wide view of the whole stage to close-ups of all the band members from various positions.

So we’ve got great sound quality, great visuals and a strong setlist.  Add onto that some video footage between songs of Maria Brink talking off stage about the next song that is coming up on the DVD and you’ve got a great DVD.    A nice touch is that for the ending credits they play over footage of the band rehearsing in the empty venue rather than the usual DVD credits that play against a black screen.

In the UK we only got support slots from In This Moment, which were great but watching this DVD it’s clear that we really need some headline shows so we can get to see the full show.

If you’re a fan of In This Moment then I’d definitely recommend getting this DVD.

Rating: 4/5

Track listing:

1. Intro (It Is Written/Rise With Me)
2. Adrenalize
3. Blazin’
4. Beast Within
5. Beautiful Tragedy
6. Into the Light
7. The Blood Legion
8. Gunshow
9. Whore
10. Burn
11. Blood
12. Ending Credits (Whore)

Line-Up: Maria Brink – Vocals
Chris Howorth – Lead Guitar
Travis Johnson – Bass
Randy Weitzel – Guitar
Tom Hane – Drums


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