Impavidus – Eradication Of Mankind

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On 30 April 2017
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An over the top adrenaline rush of molten metal thrashed out by Impavidus.


In my opinion an E.P should not be overly long and leaves you wanting more which is what Manchester based noisemongers Impavidus have done effortlessly with the storm they have whipped up in the studio for their latest release Eradication Of Mankind. The quartet go straight for the throat with opener ‘Reprisal’ as rapid snare work from Chris o’ Rourke over buzzing death metal riffs from Gav Smith on guitar and Patrick McBride on bass guitar are joined by the extraordinary vocal style of lead vocalist Michelle Adamson who switches from a clean to aggressive style without pausing for breath, reminding me of a heavier Aimee Echo (ex Human Waste Project) setting the bar high from the off.

The grinding riff and furious drum intro to ‘Lies’ leads into an almost demonic lead vocal as the song pounds along to a gripping lead vocal passage as it heads off into Sabbath territory as a heads down finish features a piercing guitar solo midway. The guitar tone for ‘Void’ is set to kill as an Entombed like rush bursts out that alternates back and to with mid paced thrash as fast footwork from Chris drives it along. Closing track and my personal favourite is ‘XII’ which is a truly demonic piece that gets under your skin from the off as a Tool like bass guitar intro leads into cathartic heavy passages that blend with mellower sections. A foot to the floor midsection gives way to a claustrophobic finish as the bass intro and guitar feedback bring it to an ambient close.

A special mention must be made to Chris Fielding for his outstanding production, mixing and mastering.




E.P track listing :-





Impavidus band line up :-

Michelle Adamson – Lead vocals.

Patrick McBride – Bass guitar/backing vocals.

Gav Smith – Guitar/backing vocals.

Chris o’Rourke – Drums.




An over the top adrenaline rush of molten metal thrashed out by Impavidus.

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