Impalers – Styx Demon (The Master Of Death E.P)

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On 31 July 2017
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Old school thrash dragged kicking and screaming into the twentieth century by Impalers.

Thrash is one of my favourite genres of metal and with bands like Impalers flying the flag high for it then it’s future is secured judging by their energy that flows through their Styx Demon (The Master Of Death E.P) currently available from Evil EyE Records. Formed in 2007 in Haderslev, Denmark the EP contains two original songs and two inspired covers.

Literally kicking off with opening track ‘Megalodon’, the sea monster themed tune is a visceral adrenaline rush of early Sodom like brutality. A guttural lead vocal from Soren Crawack barks over raging guitars that ease off the speed for a catchy thrash breakdown midway peppered with scorching lead guitar solos from Thomas Carnell. The title track is a hybrid of NWOBHM and thrash that accelerates along like ‘Human Insecticide’ by Annihilator.

So onto the cover versions. Both of which are up to a very high standard! ‘Death Comes Ripping’ is a foot to the floor turbo charged run through of The Misfits classic. The intense buzzsaw riffing is insane. Final track and my favourite is a killer version of ‘Prowler’ by Iron Maiden. Considering the vocal style of the first three songs, Soren pulls off some great Paul Dianno like howls. The rhythm guitar is crisp, lead guitar wails, the bass guitar has that Steve Harris bobble and the drums provide a solid backbone. It’s a brave song to cover but the band manage to pull it off with heads held high.

EP track listing : –


Styx Demon.

Death Comes Ripping. (The Misfits cover).

Prowler. (Iron Maiden cover).

Impalers band line up :- 

Soren Crawack – Rhythm guitar/lead vocals.

Kenneth Frandsen – Bass guitar.

Rasmus Kjaer – Drums.

Thomas Carnell – Lead guitar.


Old school thrash dragged kicking and screaming into the twentieth century by Impalers.

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