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On 3 August 2017
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An unrelenting thrash assault from Denmark based Impalers

Describing themselves as Teutonic Thrash Metal From Denmark, Impalers have perfectly summed themselves up judging by the way they throw themselves into their latest studio album The Celestial Dictator. Released via Evil EyE Records and Initium Records on September 1st 2017 it takes you back to the exhilaration of hearing albums like Bonded By Blood, Kill Em All and Reign In Blood for the first time and they should have the so called Big Four of thrash metal looking over their shoulders.

The album is conceptual and is based on the continuing survival of the human race on our planet. Following a brief Maidenesque guitar intro, the album kicks into gear with the technical thrash of ‘Terrestrial Demise’. It’s a full on stomp with razor sharp riffs and blistering lead breaks topped off by a demonic lead vocal from Soren Crawack. Warp speed rhythms fly through ‘Terrorborn’ with the guitars crystal clear in the mix. Well worth a mention is the insane snare drum work from Rasmus Kjaer.  ‘Colour Me White’ is a blur of riffs as an ear piercing shriek from Soren opens this short, sharp almost hardcore rager. The lyrics are spat out with vigour and a ‘Troops Of Doom’ like breakdown midway should make it a sure fire pit opener.

‘Into Doom’ splits into two parts in its six minute duration. A moody intro with a crooned vocal is backed by slow, crunching riffs and prominent bass guitar lines from Kenneth Frandsen as the song accelerates into galloping thrash with neat twin lead work that draw it to an end. ‘What Is One’ has a heads down riffing intro as tempos are let off the leash to rage hard. ‘Sun’ is another definite pit opener as the opening heavy riffs head off full throttle backed by some seriously pounding drumming. ‘Believe’ is a sheer adrenaline rush as the band thrash, thrash and thrash as if their lives depend on it. The album title track has more time changes than Guns And Roses stage times and it’s given a harder edge by a snarling vocal. The album ends violently as ‘Antithesis’ is a bombastic burst of Kreator like hate as they thrash, bash and crash to a finish.

The Celestial Damage album track listing : –


Terrestrial Demise.


Colour Me White.

Into Doom.

What Is One.



The Celestial Dictator.


 Impalers band line up :-

Soren Crawack – Lead vocals.

Kenneth Frandsen – Bass guitar.

Rasmus Kjaer – Drums.

Thomas Carnell – Lead guitar.








An unrelenting thrash assault from Denmark based Impalers

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