Impaled Existence – These Lifeless Plains CD review

There are many bands on the scene at the moment who sound very similar to North Wales’s Impaled Existence, but the fact is, Impaled Existence have the songs to back up the extreme brutality present in their musical assault on the ear. Similar to the likes of Whitechapel, Veil of Maya and After the Burial – Impaled Existence combine gut wrenching guitar riffs, monstrous bass grooves and roaring vocal lines, to form one of the finest death metal EP’s of the past five years. This is, These Lifeless Plains, the second EP from Impaled Existence and by god is it bloody heavy.

Made up of five progressive death metal tracks, These Lifeless Plains is an EP that really hooks you from the moment the first track kicks in. Sure it’s death metal and the choruses may not be something you can sing along to, but the tracks on this EP really are memorable. From the heavily pounding opening of ‘Fictions Within the Mind’ to the beat down laden groove of ‘If Error Were True’, Impaled Existence show off the musical talent and amazing song writing skills on all five tracks, proving that just because you are an extremely brutal death metal band, doesn’t mean that you can’t write and perform kick ass metal tunes!

The progressive elements on tracks like ‘Through Stinging Eyes’ and ‘Worthy of Remains’ really adds an extra dimension to this record. The long, drawn out instrumental sections and solos at various parts, are jammed full of musical flare and exuberance, pushing the boat out further than normal death metal! It shows how much talented each musician in Impaled Existence has, especially guitarists Craig Phillips and Mikey Dykins who really know how to shred their stuff, filling the album with lightning fast solos and guitar licks, heavily distorted guitar riffs and fist pounding beat downs.

Impaled Existence have now written two EP’s and have proved to the world why they are one of the finest death metal bands of the 21st century. All we need now is a full album, as the moment These Lifeless Plains finishes you will be begging to hear more material from one of the UK’s finest metal bands. These five tracks are astounding, but it’s about time that Impaled Existence pulled their fingers out and get on with a full album. This EP has added five brilliant tracks to the bands repertoire, but it’s just a shame there isn’t a few more awesome tracks to divulge in.

Who needs another death metal band’s album in their collection when you own These Lifeless Plains? Impaled Existence have shown the world that the UK metal scene is greater than no other, producing five all killer, no filler tracks that are some of the finest death metal tracks of the past few years! [8/10]

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