HRH Road Trip – Cycle 7 – Announcement

Hayseed Dixie, Tygers of Pan Tang and Jettblack head up HRH’s annual ride out to Ibiza for Cycle 7

Rock n Roll holidays are hard to come by, but with 6 years of annual road trips to Ibiza we think we have the ideal ingredients to make the holiday of a lifetime.

Pack 20 bands , a load of Harley’s and the best circle of people on the planet you can rock out with, add in the mystical white Isle of Ibiza and you have a taste of a rock n metal community on vacation.

It’s cycle 7 and with an all new line up for next summer including legends and favourites such as Hayseed Dixie, Diamond Head, Tygers of Pan Tang, Jettblack, Bonafide, Trucker Diablo, Arthemis, Chase the Ace and RSJ.

To see Hayseed Dixie – Pour Some Sugar On Me – watch below

More to come and a few surprises in tow, you just can’t get an experience quite like it, flights are as cheap as chips at the moment , all you have to do is get a room reserved

Lines are open on 0208 133 4741

or book online @

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