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On 13 August 2018
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Hard hitting Metal with a melodic twist









German Metalheads Horseman, saddle up and explode out of the stalls with their latest album ‘Of Hope, Freedom And Future’

With a history going back some ten years now, Horseman release their third full length album in the form of ‘Of Hope, Freedom And Future’, and a thunderous affair it proves to be as well. Right from the start, as the title track instrumental intro fades out and the sledgehammer of ‘A Thousand Wars’ powers through the speakers, you know your going to be strapping yourself in for one heck of a ride. Brutal and crushing riffs come thick and fast as each track is powered by Stefan Böhm’s unrelenting and unforgiving vocals, all designed to floor you with a hefty punch. However, a wall of noise this album is most definitely not, quite the opposite in fact as the whole album is awash with catchy hooks and melodies. Tracks like ‘Teach Them To Question’ for example have a really melodic bedrock upon which a hard hitting song is then built. Quieter moments are few and far between on the album but the band do show a more restrained and measured side on the beautiful instrumental ‘An Open Mind Breaks Down Walls’ which came as a welcome addition, and a chance to draw breath

On the whole, this album delivers what it set out to achieve, fast paced and hard hitting tracks which are really well put together and incorporate some great melodies and riffs along the way. Production wise, the album is pretty flawless, Michael Kolar doing a great job in making this record sound ultra polished

If you like your Metal hard and fast then this album will tick all the relevant boxes. Released on September the 21st via Massacre Records, the band will also play a few live dates to coincide with the release (details below)

22.09.2018 DE Gütersloh – Die Weberei / Werk II (CD Release Show)
05.10.2018 DE Köln – Helios37
20.10.2018 DE Bielefeld – Teestube
17.11.2018 DE Bad Oeynhausen – AK Bel Etage

Album Track List ;

1. Of Hope, Freedom And Future
2. A Thousand Wars
3. Hunters
4. See Me Hanging
5. The Monsters I Feed
6. Die Gedanken Sind Frei
7. Teach Them To Question
8. An Open Mind Breaks Down Walls
9. The Giant
10. Fools Keep Marching
11. The Final Dance
12. Shellshock

Band Line Up ;

Stefan Böhm – Vocals
Malte Edinger – Guitar
Gregor Panic – Guitar
Christoph Brennecke – Bass
Michael Kolar – Drums


Hard hitting Metal with a melodic twist

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