Hammercult Premiere New Song ‘Rise of the Hammer’



Two years have passed since Israeli thrash metal act HAMMERCULT released their album Steelcrusher. Two years during which not only the whole world but also the international metal scene have changed. HAMMERCULT have stayed abreast of those changes: more than ever before, the band impress with their broad stylistic range, increasingly allowing – along with their unmistakable strengths – influences from the punk, hardcore and traditional heavy metal genres. The result is entitled Built For War, a true, intoxicating thrash metal manifesto with an inescapable knock out effect. HAMMERCULT’s latest release will be out on SPV/Steamhammer on September 4th in North America.  Pre-order your copy via iTunes and Amazon.


Today the next single from Built for War entitled “Rise of the Hammer” is being exclusively premiered via NPR.  Get a first listen HERE.


The song “Spoils of War” is available for streaming HERE.


One thing is certain: anybody who liked Steelcrusherwill be bowled over by Built For War. And all those who haven’t got HAMMERCULT on their metal menu yet will celebrate the group’s latest offering as the discovery of the year. “Every song on the album is the kind of pumping anthem which HAMMERCULT are known for – but this time we’ve taken the songs to different places, with a more melodic and more original approach which really stands out,” vocalist Yakir Von Hammer explains. “The vocals on Built For War are very unique and range from screams to growls, hardcore shouts to clean vocals – which I honestly believe has never been done before by a single performer. If I had to summarize Built For War in a single sentence it would be ‘Destruction meets Manowar in an explosive mix of extreme music and true metal.'”


So it’s done: Built For War will definitely shake up the thrash metal scene and arouse anticipation for HAMMERCULT’s upcoming European tour scheduled for autumn 2015. As Von Hammer puts it so aptly:  “I’m really looking forward to getting this album on stage and to the audience. I live for this shit!”



Yakir Shochat (Vocals)

Guy Ben David (Guitar)

Yuval Kramer(Guitar)

Elad Manor (Bass)

Maayan Henik (Drums)


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