Gov’t Mule announce new album ‘Revolution Come… Revolution Go’

Pre-eminent American rock band Gov’t Mule have announced the release of their anticipated 10th studio album Revolution Come… Revolution Go, which will be released on June 9th through Spinefarm Records. You can pre-order the album here.

Steeped in the roots and mystique of rock, blues, soul, jazz and country, Revolution Come… Revolution Go enriches Gov’t Mule’s distinguished legacy with cleverly-crafted songs, intelligent and timely lyrical commentary, plus downright incendiary playing, while the depth and breadth of the band’s stunning song-writing is displayed with full force.

Exemplified by the duality of the two lead singles – the walloping, aggressive guitar riffs of ‘Stone Cold Rage’ and the simmering, soulful grooves of ‘Sarah, Surrender’ – Revolution Come… Revolution Go is a thrilling musical journey and Gov’t Mule’s most diverse album to date. You can also watch a behind-the-scenes video of the making of the album here.

The group began recording the album in Austin, TX, on Election Day in November 2016, with half the country poised for upset no matter what the outcome. It is a sentiment that is evident on songs like ‘Stone Cold Rage’, ‘Pressure Under Fire’ and the title track.

While Gov’t Mule’s storytelling has always been inspired in part by American struggles and experiences, Revolution Come… Revolution Go finds the band’s finger on the pulse of the very divided political climate, poignantly capturing the tension and emotions felt by Americans regardless of political affiliation. These lyrical observations are threaded together with a message of unity.

The album’s cover art speaks to this theme. Created by artist Richard Borge, it displays a soldier atop a broken toy mule facing the wrong way as he yells through an orange street cone.

“It’s that same idea,” explains Haynes, referring to the country’s current state of affairs. “The character is yelling to nobody and facing backwards. It makes you think.”

While there are some political observations on Revolution Come… Revolution Go, there are also introspective ruminations on life and love, like the countrified road song ‘Traveling Tune’, the soaring ‘The Man I Want To Be’ and the slow-burning, reflective ‘Easy Times’. Throughout the record, Haynes’ dynamic vocals sound as strong and rich as ever, swinging effortlessly between rock ‘n’ roll grit and soulful crooning.

Long-time collaborator Gordie Johnson joined Haynes as co-producer for six tunes, while the legendary Don Was co-produced on the powerful and moving ‘Dreams & Songs’ and the thought-provoking ‘Pressure Under Fire’; meanwhile, revered guitarist Jimmie Vaughan makes a sizzling cameo on the super-charged ‘Burning Point’.

‘Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground’ is a re-working of the traditional blues instrumental originally recorded by Blind Willie Johnson to which Haynes has added lyrics, transforming the song into an epic gospel rock closer.

Gov’t Mule – HaynesMatt Abts [drums], Danny Louis [keyboards, guitar and backing vocals] and Jorgen Carlsson [bass] – has galvanized a global fan base with their music and improvisational virtuosity, causing them to be recognised as one of the most timeless and active rock bands in the world.



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