Goatwhore-Blood For The Master

Even though its only February,Goatwhore’s 5th full studio release Blood For The Master is well on the way to being my album of 2012. Ten  songs covering 38 minutes of  sheer intensity. Everything is thrown into the melting pot here,black metal/thrash/doom and heavy. Guitars churn and slash throughout backed up by a monstrous drum assault and the guttural vocal delivery by Ben Falgoust ups  the ante even more. Credit must be given to Erik Rutan for the crystal clear production,raising the levels of brutality. It is like listening to Reign In Blood for the first time where the listener is carried on a rollercoaster ride of metal with no let up until its finished.

Goatwhore was formed in 1997 by current guitarist Sammy Duet in New Orleans. They have fought hard where other bands may have called it a day. A road accident temporaily paralyzed vocalist Ben Falgoust but he learnt to walk again and the band had to leave their homes when the floods caused by Hurricane Katrina hit.

Blood For The Master will surely raise Goatwhore’s increasing profile,following on from the Billboard chart entry and worldwide rave reviews of their last studio album Carving Out The Eyes Of God in 2009. Blood For The Master was recorded at Mana recording studios,St.Petersburg,Florida after 2 years of relentless touring. The album will be released via Metal Blade Records on February 14th,the perfect Valentines gift for any metalhead’s partner!

Band line up :-

Ben Falgoust-Vocals.

Sammy Duet-Guitar/Vocals.

Zack Simmons-Drums.

James Harvey-Bass.

Track Listing :-

Collapse In Eternal Worth.

When Steel And Bone Meet.

Parasitic Scriptures.

In Deathless Tradition.

Judgement Of The Bleeding Crown.

Embodiment Of This Bitter Chaos.

Beyond The Spell Of Discontent.

Death To The Architects Of Heaven.

An End To Nothing.

My Name Is Frightful Among Believers.

I award the album 10/10!

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