GIRLSCHOOL/Hit and Run – Revisited

GIRLSCHOOL/Hit and Run – Revisited is the twelfth studio album by  Girlschool. The album is a re-recording of the 1981 album “Hit and Run”, considered by most critics, a classic of the NWBHM, and certainly, the most commercially successful for Girlschool. This new album celebrates the 30th anniversry of the release of Hit and Run and includes as bonus track’s,  a re-recording of “Demolition Boys”, and a duet with the German metal singer Doro, on a new version of the title track.

So what have they changed, well thankfully not a lot, there are some subtle changes, but’s that’s more to do with the production than the songs, though some songs over the years have far outgrown their original roots, if you have ever seen the band live, then you will know what i mean. The aggression Girlschool first showed us, all those years ago, is still there, their delivery of these old songs is fresh, dynamic, and just as sexy.

These songs have lost nothing in the past 30 years, in fact they still sound as fresh today, as they did when i was a teenager, sat in my bedroom, listening to this on Cassette tape, with posters of Girlschool on my bedroom wall.

The two bonus tracks are a nice surprise, a completely new reworking of “Demolition boys” from their debut record, “Demolition” a worthy inclusion. The other nice surprise is to get Dorro Pesch in to sing a duet on “Hit and Run”, personally I would have liked to hear a completely different version, totally rewritten, rather than just a duet, but it works, and it’s a nice closer.

This album breaths new life into all of the old great Girlschool songs, and in doing so, recaptures the raw excitement that I had when I first heard this 30 years ago, it is like meeting your best mates mum again after a long time, and finding out she’s still as sexy as ever, with the same twinkle in her eye.



  1. “C’mon Let’s Go” – 3:45
  2. “The Hunter”– 3:16
  3. “(I’m Your) Victim”– 2:50
  4. “Kick It Down”– 3:05
  5. “Following the Crowd”– 3:08
  6. “Tush” (– 2:24
  7. “Hit and Run”– 3:05
  8. “Watch Your Step”– 3:20
  9. “Back to Start”– 3:36
  10. “Yeah Right”) – 3:16
  11. “Future Flash”– 4:51

Bonus tracks

  1. “Demolition Boys”) – 3:43
  2. “Hit and Run” (featuring Doro) – 3:05

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