Fuck the Facts – Desire Will Rot (Noise Salvation)

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Fuck the Facts

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On 10 September 2015
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Abrasive, instant, grinding, pummelling. Not for the faint hearted.

As the title suggests this is not for those of a weak constitution. Fuck the Facts are a Canadian band that has an impressive back catalogue of EPs and splits as well as this being their 6th full length. They started life as a studio project in the 90s before shifting to a live act as well in 2001. They have an impressive touring schedule behind them and this is their first album on which they have regained full control from writing to producing to releasing. They were previously with Relapse records and decided it was time to go for full independence with this record.

From the opener grinding madness ensues, but below this harsh exterior lies a lot more depth and a handle on gentle melodies entwined in the blast. Guitarists Topan Das and Johnny Ibay add in some high spec sweeping which is at times reminiscent of Vital Remains around the “Dechristianize” period. “La mort I & II” is a fine example of the breadth of this bands music which runs the gauntlet through just about every extremity there is. “Storm of Silence” has an almost pop punk melody racing below a old school hardcore beat before switching to straight thrash and interspersing it with blasts, it is a lot to take in under 3 minutes. “False Hope” is a longer track coming in at 5 minutes plus, with plenty of fast double kicks, screams from Mélanie Mongeon and plenty of manic riffing before the mid section takes on an almost Eyehategod stoner feel before ending with an epic sounding outro. “Circle” is a long drawn out drone soundscape track which shouldn’t fit but does and is a welcomed breather from the chaos but is also suffocating in its own way. Closer “Nothing Changes” is slow, long drawn out not unlike early Isis and Cult of Luna. This album has a lot going on and is a lot to digest in a very short period but all of it very good, production is excellent with great separation where you can hear every riff especially in the grind sections where the clarity is usually lost. Vocally it is harsh and raspy, it never lets up whether its fast and grinding or slow and punishing, its heavy in all the ways that so many try for yet fail to achieve whereas Fuck the Facts have got it nailed on both fronts. Certainly one that deserves plenty of attention and your hard earned cash!



1. Everywhere Yet Nowhere
2. Shadows Collide
3. The Path of Most Resistance
4. La Mort I
5. La Mort II
6. Prey
7. Storm of Silence
8. Solitude
9. False Hope
10. Circle
11. Nothing Changes

Band Members

Topon Das – Guitar,
Marc Bourgon – Bass/Vocals
Mélanie Mongeon – Vocals
Mathieu Vilandré – Drums
Johnny Ibay – Guitar

Abrasive, instant, grinding, pummelling. Not for the faint hearted.

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