Fire Red Empress – Paint Me The Devil EP

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Fire Red Empress

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On 24 June 2014
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Fire Red Empress
Fire Red Empress
@planetmosh reviews Paint Me The Devil by .@fireredempress

Birmingham hard rockers FIRE RED EMPRESS have released their debut EP, Paint Me The Devil and it’s a glorious head on collision of Queens of the Stone Age rock coupled with Muse-like vocal harmonies. It doesn’t half pack a wallop too, for all it’s a three song taster.

produced by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat), the debut EP is indeed a tantalising taster of what’s to come and shows great promise for a band that really only came into being at the start of this year. Opening track, Left Unspoken, immediately brings to mind the head on mix of styles that I mentioned above before leading into the far more aggressive title track. It’s more gritty, driving and uncompromising rock than Left Unspoken with perhaps even undercurrents of punkish attitude. More importantly it’s great, chunky, chugging stuff and sticks in the mind.

Closing out the EP with the more complex Behind the Veil, Fire Red Empress show us their ability to mix things up with a pounding lead riff that breaks into atmospheric tones before reaching a huge middle section both vocally and musically. This track has a little bit of everything to tickle your tastebuds and is a fitting end to their debut. It certainly leaves you wanting more and looking forward to a full debut album.

Track Listing
1. Left Unspoken
2. Paint Me The Devil
3. Behind the Veil

Fire Red Empress
Nik Taylor-Stoakes – vocals
Carl Gethin – guitars
Paul Gethin – guitars
Ben Picken – bass
Luke Middleton – drums


Fire Red Empress Band
Fire Red Empress Band

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