Falling Red, Manchester Dry Bar, 07.03.13


Falling Red are back with a short 6 date UK tour, after a rock style lifestyle of opening for Steel Panther and playing at some renowned venues.
Since they last played a headline show in Manchester they have definitely upped their game in terms of performance and presence. They have always had a individual character, their appearance it is great to see, I think if this is the route they want to go down then a little bit more work on character building will boost staged persona.
The crowd here tonight were definitely made up of die hard fans. Ones that sung every word from ‘If You Ain’t Down With The Rock’ to ‘Come On Down’ and ‘Shake The Faith’.
The atmosphere was made up of whiskey, beer and good times, as the men pump their fists and the women shake their hips.  Falling Red are a band that you can expect to put on a show, persuading you to let loose.
They are currently working on a new album and tonight they brought forth ‘High and Dry’which went down to a tee, with moreish grooves, catchy hooks, sleazy lyrics and everything you could want from a glam rock band. Awesome.

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