Fallen Mafia & Bulletproof Rose – The Snooty Fox, Wakefield: 19th April 2014

Having seen both Bulletproof Rose and Fallen Mafia a couple of times before, but not on the same billing. I was pleased to see that they were both playing at The Snooty Fox in Wakefield over Easter, when I was already planning to visit my parents. The Snooty Fox is a small venue on Brunswick Street near Wakefield Kirkgate Rail Station, about 5-10 mins walk from the centre of Wakefield. With a pool-room on one side of the bar and a stage on the other it’s a fantastic little venue with a ceiling adorned with t-shirts from many of the bands who have played there over the years. The Snooty Fox usually streams concerts live and today was no exception.

Bulletproof Rose
Bulletproof Rose

Bulletproof Rose are a four piece hard rock band hailing from West Cumbria. Opening with Strung Out a very fast and heavy opening setting the scene for the rest of their set. In the Gutter was packed with fast riffs as was Dr Alibi and the heat was rising as frontman Jacob stripped off his waistcoat and asked ‘Are we alright?’ there were a few ‘Yeahs’ and the band launched into Gypsy a track reminiscent of Bon Jovi’s I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead. Bulletproof Rose play hard and fast and the next song Love That Rock N Roll epitomises what they’re all about. Playing Rock n Roll and loving what they do. Loaded Gun was a little slower with a good bass drumbeat and some good riffs. Sign Right Here an energetic song is about making a deal with the devil. I’m not going to go through every song as they were all good and played with raw rock n roll energy. Loud Hard Fast reminded me of G- String Boogie Massive Wagons’ style with a bit of Status Quo thrown in. The last song was a cover of AC/DC’s Let There Be Rock which I’ve seen played by many bands including, not only AC/DC but, various AC/DC tribute acts and also by Dave Evans’ AC/DC’s original singer and it’s thanks to him that I first saw Bulletproof Rose when they supported him at The Towler last year. A great end to a great set and the final words from Jacob ‘Thankyou Wakefield. We’ve been Bulletproof Rose’

Bulletproof Rose: Jacob
Bulletproof Rose: Jacob

Set List: 

Strung Out
In the Gutter
Dr Alibi
Love That Rock N Roll
Loaded Gun
Sign Right Here
Party Hard
Bang Your Head
Bulletproof Rose
My Girl
Loud Hard Fast
Let There Be Rock

Band Members:

Jacob Siddle – Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals
Brian Robinson – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals
Connor Barton – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals
Dan Wallace – Drums

Bulletproof Rose on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BulletproofRose

Fallen Mafia: Hannah
Fallen Mafia: Hannah

Tonight’s headliners were Fallen Mafia a four piece, female fronted hard rock band from the North of England although this time from the North East. Newcastle/Durham. Getting off to a rocking opening with Master of Disaster an Iron Maiden type number with plenty of riffs. Hannah looked the ultimate rock chick in skintight pants with cut outs, cropped top showing a toned, tattooed stomach and a mass of black hair and black eye-liner. Although the mass of black hair and eye-liner also applied to guitarist Chris and bass player Lee. I’m not sure who had the most make up on!

If you like accents Hannah has, of course got, a great Geordie accent. Down was a fast, hard rocking number and when Hannah got down on her knees I thought she was acting the part, which she does in places, but she was actually getting a drink. Hannah asked ‘Is anyone skint?’ the next song Rock & Load having been written about being skint. The stage must have been heating up again, as Chris took his top off, to look like a topless Pirate! Of course I was only interested in the great great guitar riffs! We All Die Young was another hard rocking Iron Maiden style number.

The next song was A Secret, not literally as it is, indeed, the name of the song. After which Hannah said ‘Since I’m sweating my proverbials off we’re going to slow things down’ with How the story ends the official video can be seen on YouTube. We got a rocking cover of Wild Child by WASP although we were running on bass for a while as Chris had to go off to change a cable or something. Although he was soon back and the song finished with a short drum solo. Just Like Me had a strong bass start and Hannah shaking her hair.

Fallen Mafia
Fallen Mafia

Hannah asked ‘Anyone have a psycho ex? This one’s for you’ before they launched into Psycho which started off slowly then sped up. Dirty their last song had a good drum beat and some great riffs. Chris thanked us for coming down. Then the Snooty’s DJ asked if we wanted some more and there were plenty of ‘Yeahs’ and ‘Mores’ to indicate that we did want more. Hannah invited Bulletproof Rose up to help with the last one a cover of We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister. It was a good fun ending which both bands looked to be enjoying and it had most of the audience dancing and singing along too.

Great sets from both bands, they both get better and better and I’ll certainly look forward to seeing them again. I won’t have to wait too long as Fallen Mafia play NLC/RAPCA festival at The Maze in Nottingham on Sunday and Bulletproof Rose are heading out on a nine date UK Tour with Dirty Diamonds at the beginning of next month.

Fallen Mafia
Fallen Mafia

Set List:

Master of Disaster
Don’t Look Back
Lock & Load
We All Die Young
How The Story Ends
Wild Child
Just Like Me
We’re Not Gonna Take It

Band Members:

Hannah Elizabeth Neil – Vocals
Chris ‘The Doc’ Johnson – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Lee Fiddes – Bass
Matty Brough – Drums

Fallen Mafia on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fallenmafia


Fallen Mafia and Bulletproof Rose
Fallen Mafia and Bulletproof Rose

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