EXIT STATE-‘Let’s See It All’ cd

exitstate webBurnley’s Exit State have previously released two albums to critical acclaim, can this 3rd release match the success of the others? It was recorded in January 2013 and is produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Matt Elliss at Axis Studios, Doncaster. ‘Let’s See It All’ follows hot on the heels of ‘Black Veins’, their 2011 release.
‘Pull The Thread’ (released as a single back in March, watch the video below) kicks things off and immediately hits you in the face; from the moment it starts it has you reaching for the loud button on the stereo. MORE VOLUME. This is loud, heavy, yet with a deceptively melodic chorus; it leaves you wanting more.
And you get it with ‘Sun In My Eyes’, and Let’s See It All, the title track. Both these feature a thunderous rhythm section, leaning towards a classic rock sound, yet distinctively Exit State. The chorus on the title track is a killer followed by a monster super quick solo from Matt.

What is immediately apparent is the sheer quality in singer Roy Bright’s vocal performance on this, his singing on Black Veins was good, still is, it is just that on this latest opus it is so much better. That can also be said for the rest of the band, award winning bass player Phil Ireland shows you why he has won the Pure Rawk Awards Bass player of the year 2013. Peat ‘Texas’ Hicks tub thumping is quick and loud, however Matt Harris has just about excelled himself here, his lead guitar playing on this is something quite special, he matches Roy’s controlled rhythm guitar, to give the songs an edge, and then powers off into the distance when playing the solos. Stunning is word you are looking for.

‘The Pain I Demand’ is almost a love song, it is Exit State taking it down a notch or two, the power is still there, lurking behind the song, threatening it. This is as near to a power ballad as Exit State do, and they do it well.
‘Sugarcoat’, ‘Lenny’ and ‘Die Zombie’ are next up and by now you will have got the sense of direction this opus is heading, firmly down Rocky Road. The songs are well crafted, with loud melodic choruses and great guitar work keeping these tracks motoring along. However good these tracks are and they are, I am expecting something special on this album, and I find them with ‘Elastic’ and ‘Save Us From Ourselves’
When ‘Elastic’ chucks out its first chord, you know you’re onto a winner, with a great Classic rock riff weaving its way through the whole song, it is menacing and brooding, hitting you right where it counts. Quality stuff.

‘Save Us From Ourselves’ is musically anything but by the numbers, though it is not quite straightforward in its presentation, it has multiple facets, revealing a different direction every time you listen to it. A very rewarding track to listen to.
‘This Part Of Me’, is a great track, yet seems lacking in quality compared to the rest on offer here, but it is only a minor gripe, and you may not even agree with me, however it does set up the final track nicely.

Not many bands save the best till last, however with ‘Crystalline’ (the 2nd single/E.P) Exit State have done just that, the chorus on this will burrow deep inside your head and keep on nagging you to “Play me again, Play me again”. So I did. A lot like “Let’s See It All” does, it seeps into your brain.
However there is also another very different story associated with this track, as of the 20th May Exit State released “Crystalline”, with 2 unique down-loadable bundles via iTunes, and the proceeds go to chART – children’s hospice arts. Only £1.29 each bundle of 4 tracks & including versions NOT available on the forthcoming album. So hats off to Exit State for choosing one off, if not the best track on this album to help the children’s charity, if only more bands did things like this.
Here is an album that will propel Exit State to the next level. Yes, it is that good.
“Let’s See It All” is out on Rocksector Records on the 24th June.


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