Evile, The Cathouse, Glasgow 21/10/11

Evile Cathouse Glasgow Oct 2012 1Evile returns to conquer Glasgow whilst on tour to promote their latest album ‘Five Serpent’s Teeth’.  The Cathouse was only about half full however the support bands local lads Circle Of Tyrant and London based Savage Messiah had whipped the crowd up into a frenzy for Evile taking the stage.

As Evile set up on stage the band members shook hands with the crowd and one lucky fan Craig was given a can of Evile Energy drink from the band, this just added to the growing excitement that was in the air!

Evile Cathouse Glasgow Oct 2012 0They started off their set with a ‘Five Serpent’s Teeth’ then launched straight into ‘Killer From The Deep’ it was a outstanding start to the night. They are playing a tightly power packed set with hair flying and the crowd joining in moshing, jumping and singing, it’s shaping up to be a unforgettable night.

Just to be a bit different Cult got a new meaning, which gave the track a new twist! Before treating the crowd to ‘Thrasher’ needless to say the crowd is moving around to this.

Evile Cathouse Glasgow Oct 2012 5After a few more songs including ‘Descent Into Madness’ and ‘Xaraya’ from ‘Five Serpent’s Teeth’ before slipping back through the years with ‘Infected Nation’ then ‘Enter the Grave’. Its suddenly then end of the gig and even thought the crowd is hollering and screaming out for ‘One More Song’ the guys don’t come back on stage.

It was a fantastic night, the guys were about 2/3rds through their tour and on stunning form delivering an awesome tight set and seeming to be enjoying the set as much as the crowd are!


Evile Setlist

Evile Cathouse Glasgow Oct 2012 4Five Serpent’s Teeth

Killer From the Deep

Eternal Empire

Evile Cathouse Glasgow Oct 2012 2We Who Are About to Die



Descent Into Madness


Infected Nation

Enter the Grave


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