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Eva Plays Dead

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On 7 July 2015
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One of the East Midlands hottest hard biting rock quartets, who have produced yet another crowd pleasing five track E.P.

From the quite green meadows of the Derwent and Trent valleys come one of the East Midlands hottest hard biting rock quartets, Eva Plays Dead and they have produced another crowd pleasing five track E.P. entitled “Sounds Of The Written Word“.

EPD Light-7468 (Small)The track “1950’s Woman” is a hard, fast rhythm paced life story. With lead singer Tiggy’s distinctive vocals you’ll recognize instantly that this is a EPD track. Meanwhile Matt on the lead guitar must have made his fingers bleed with the intense riffs created, and with Zack on bass teamed up with Seb on the drums make for a great rhythm combination . I really liked the bass riff towards the end of the track the most. It sort of reminded me of a music score from the film “Lock Stock and Two Smokin Barrels”.

EPD Light-7424 (Small)Bad Girl“, dare I say?  Has a musical feel something a little like Kiss? or even maybe an early AC/DC inspired track? It’s got pretty much all a good rock song should have, plus that added special EPD touch. Plenty of heavy reverb-laden riffs, chugger chugger bass licks, and very importantly the drums are not over used! Seb plays them in a style that keeps making all the tracks sound great. A well known drummer friend of mine once told me ” A drummer is there to keep time, not over play the set and bleed over the rest of the band, this is the key to making a good song great!”.  Tiggy again does her “thang” and gels the whole song with her vocals to make a cracking track.  Now hold on a moment! Where the hell did Iron Maiden come from, I ask myself ?  Unexpectedly “Live again” nearly blew my speakers with the opening part of the song! Stunning, I’m not going to spoil it for you all, just have a listen for yourselves. I’m sure you’ll see where I’m coming from. Just as with “Live Again” I’ll leave you to discover the song “We Ain’t A Family“. What I say is only my opinion, sometimes you have to listen and make your own mind up too!

Wonderland“, what a great way to start a song, and with a memorable opening riff to boot! A brilliant bit of musical artistry derived by Matt, Zack and Seb. It’s a bit of a dark story this one, but the way it’s delivered by the gang of four make it a fairly decent track you won’t forget. There’s a massive amount of talent in this tight little group, and I’m sure it’s going to pay dividends for them in the future as they go from strength to strength.

Track List:-

Live Again

Bad Girl


We Ain’t A Family

1950’s Woman

The Band:-

Tiggy Dee – Vocals
Matt Gascoyne – Guitar
Zach Shannon – Bass Guitar
Seb Boyse – Drums

iTunes: https://itun.es/gb/xHTE7

Twitter/Insta: @evaplaysdead





One of the East Midlands hottest hard biting rock quartets, who have produced yet another crowd pleasing five track E.P.

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