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On 6 June 2017
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Shade and Soil mixes so many elements together to form a progressive triumph.




Ethos return to the limelight with their second full length album ‘Shade And Soil’ tucked firmly under their wing.

Following on from 2012’s well received debut ‘Vessels’, writing actually began back in 2014, showing how much of a labour of love this album has become. The attention to detail in all the twelve tracks on offer is second to none, moulding such a wide variety of elements together to form a quite unique blend of progressive rock and post metal dancing with melodic and classical piano passages. Opening with the mainly instrumental title track, you’re suddenly transported on a heady wave of emotionally charged rock theatre that launches into the multi layered ‘Spectre’, a more metal track in essence but with an amazing depth and complexity that just lifts it to a completely different level. Indeed it’s only when you listen to the album a number of times that you begin to understand why this has been nigh on three years in the making, so many twists and turns come at you as you are taken down many a musical avenue.

Beauty comes in many forms, and on this album it appears as ‘The Archetype Suite’, three distinctly individual tracks or segments that are just phenomenal.  ‘Strange Atlas’ is a classically led piano charged gem, whilst the epic ’The Lonely King’ is a prog oozing masterpiece that just burns into your very being.  Add ’Apotheosis’ to the mix featuring some hauntingly beautiful strings courtesy of members of the Rome Symphony Orchestra no less and you suddenly become aware you’re listening to something special. A stunning suite of music that you will be addicted to for many moons to come.

Arguably one of the best discoveries I’ve made in recent times, this album just soars and soars to stellar heights. Closing track ’Blinded’ is just immense in every way. If you are going to delve into something new, fresh and exciting in the musical world you could do a lot worse than to give this record a try. Superb song writing, excellent musicianship and a unerring ability to move your soul, Ethos have it all.

Recommended Track – ’Blinded’


Track Listing ;

Shade And Soil
Wood For The Fire
Frozen Memory
The Archetype Suite I. Strange Atlas
The Archetype Suite II. The Lonely King
The Archetype Suite III. Apotheosis
Coup d’Etat

‘Shade And Soil’ is released on June 20th including all major digital platforms


Shade and Soil mixes so many elements together to form a progressive triumph.

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