Eternal Fear – Killing Time

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Eternal Fear

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On 14 March 2017
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Ten storming, fist pumping Metal anthems




Sweden’s Eternal Fear return with their fifth studio album release “Killing Time”, an opus that sees them continue on an upward spiral.



Fashions come and go, fads hit the spotlight, only to fade away as time marches on but that classic Metal riff never fails to hit you in the chest. No matter what we listen to as Metal fans (and I’ll listen to any musical genre…even Jazz), there’s nothing like that feeling when a power chord surges through your veins  making the blood boil and the fist start pumping, it’s the essence of what we’re about as a musical community. Eternal Fear know this and stick to the formula, delivering riff after riff, chest beating vocals and more guitar duels than you can shake a stick at. The band seem to have an unnerving ability to throw classic lines out there but with just that little bit of a different twist, a harder edge if you will



Opening track ‘Thy Will Be Done’ certainly lays done the gauntlet.  As the sirens warn you of the oncoming onslaught, Ove Johnsson’s commanding vocal in total control against a wonderful wall of neck straining riffs that cannot fail to get you in the mood. Hard hitting this album most definitely is but it is not without finesse either, ‘The Shadow’ for example is a real storyteller of a song, almost Maidenesque in parts, galloping along as it does through dark forests and murky landscapes. The title track, although a more musically disjointed affair is still extremely enjoyable, with a more Doom laden background to it and an immense solo to boot. For me personally though, I’d happily showcase ‘No Guts’ as the track to throw into someone’s lap as a taster of what Eternal Fear are all about – a machine like drum beat a la Phil Rudd powering an incredibly catchy and uplifting party anthem of a song that just bores its way into your nervous system and has you humming the chorus for hours after



‘Killing Time’ as an album, shows that the band are far from doing just that, on the contrary it shows a band on top of their game and enjoying every second of what they’re doing.


‘Killing Time’ sees the light of day on March 17th via independent release





Track Listing ;

Thy Will Be Done

Age Of Glory

Black Country

The Shadow

Killing Time

Halls Of Odin

Child Of Darkness

Evil Ways

No Guts

Chamber Of Lies


Line Up ;

Ove Johnsson – Vocals

Daniel Henriksson – Guitar

Mattias Thomasen – Guitar

Torbjorn Brogren – Bass

Stefan Almqvist – Drums



Ten storming, fist pumping Metal anthems

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