ElipTic, From Dirt To The Sky.

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On 7 March 2014
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I have to give a fair and honest review of Eliptic and I,m hoping that's what I,ve done here.

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This new Hawaiian based rock group ElipTic in their own words say:-  “The band was formed from the molten lava’s of Hawaii. It is a conscious metal/rock band created in the center of a gateway between Earth and the unknown Universe“. Quite a statement that intrigued a few of us at Planetmosh. So with this being a very new group, myself and two other team members have each taken the time to listen to this burgeoning mid-pacific metal / thrash rock / punk themed group and tried to give a balanced view on this debut EP!


Lee Rose, wrote…….”The six songs are all very radio-friendly in length, with none ‘really over’ the 3.5 minute mark. There are lots of effects on the vocals, a delay & reverb… It’s an “unsettling” stereo mix with one vocal just ever so slightly held back, so you get an eerie near-echo.That might be intentional, like when bands use dissonance as a texture. The bass sounds good. It’s nice and clear, instrumentally, at least. Drums sound fine; guitar is nice and crunchy – not too over-driven or “down-tuned digital” sounding. The band seems sort of doomy, ambient/alternative, or avant garde, much moreso then thrash, punk, or speed metal. They do have plenty of chunky, thick riffing going on which is well within metal’s grasp, but they don’t seem to be a metal band – they seem to be more gearing towards the alternate rock genre side of things.”  Rating 2/5


Louise Swift wrote…..”My initial thoughts on hearing the snippets were like a strange hybrid of Marilyn Manson and Placebo. Having heard 6 tracks I was also reminded of more Gothic bands like Sinnergod, Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Cult. In places it sounded like singer was singing through water. Kind of echo-ey. A bit different but I didn’t particularly like the singing style. Some good rhythm and drums. Overall I didn’t enjoy listening – the singer sounded pained most of the time and it was no pleasure to listen to. I wouldn’t buy but fair play to them for trying out something different.” Rating 2/5.  Possible 3/5
Two very slightly different opinions! But this is why sometimes it’s best to ask colleagues when reviewing an extremely new type of rock talent!
As for myself ? My own opinion of Eliptic’s debut E.P. Well I need to be honest here, I do like the songs, and the musical make up is good and I thought innovative and original by using two drummers.  Malia Rideout’s style of singing works well with the music, but! ( this is why I asked other younger team members to join me on this review ). I,m not a big fan of the growly style of singing that a lot of rock fans theses days seem to like, although not all the tracks are sung in this manner. Maybe it’s just me? I,m getting old and crusty and am still stuck in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. But I did with an open mind and taking into consideration that they are a very new band, listen to the tracks in a fair way and I,ve given Eliptic a  3/5 for this debut E.P.  But what we also have to take into consideration is that when some better known bands first started making music they too, such as Led Zeppelin ( who got absolutely trashed by the press ) and Venom who were denied U.S. visa’s to tour  because the music they were making wasn’t considered art, or of an artistic value. Both of these bands now have a huge following of loyal fans, and in Led Zeppelin’s case, their rock anthology speaks for itself ! So with this in mind, I have to give a fair and honest review of Eliptic and I,m hoping that’s what I,ve done here. Only time will tell as Eliptic launch themselves onto the wider rock world stage.

Track Listing:

1. Dirty Tool 3:37

2. The Menacing 3:26

3. Chaos 2:56

4. Stuck 3:29

5. Kumara 3:02

6. Chariots of Fire 3:34


Band Members…..

Malia Rideout,  Lyric writer and vocalist

Kristin Johnson, Drums (1)

Jeremy Smith, Drums (2)

Erik Avery, Bass

Joe Rideout, Rhythm guitarist






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I have to give a fair and honest review of Eliptic and I,m hoping that's what I,ve done here.

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