The Eden House – Songs for the broken ones

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The Eden House

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On 3 July 2017
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A stunningly good album.

“Songs for the broken ones” is the third album from The Eden House.  They’re more a collection of artists than a straightforward band since it consists of core members Stephen Carey and Tony Pettitt (Bassist and founding member of Fields of The Nephilim) along with an ever changing list of musicians and singers that varies between albums/EPs and live performances – for example in the past All about Eve singer Julianne Regan has sung on some of their songs but never performed live with them.  See the list of the current touring band at the end of the review.  Guests/contributors on this album are many and varied – Monica Richards (Faith & The Muse), Lee Douglas (Anathema), Kelli Ali (Sneaker Pimps), Simon Hinkler (The Mission), Bob Loveday (Penguin Cafe Orchestra).

The first song to be released from the album is “Verdades (I have chosen you)” – check out the video here.

They’ve also released a video for “Misery”.

Those two songs give you a good idea of what to expect.  It’s dark and atmospheric and at the same time stunningly beautiful.  There are a number of different singers on the album and every one of them has a beautiful voice. The music is equally beautiful – atmospheric, intricate melodies, and so good that if you took away the vocals you’d be left with an album that you could still enjoy listening to.

Whether you call it Goth, psychedelic, atmospheric, Ethereal, dark, rock or whatever, the simple fact is that The Eden House make beautiful music.  A stunningly good album.

“Songs for the broken ones” is out now.

Track listing:

1. Verdades (I Have Chosen You)
2. One Heart
3. Misery
4. 12th Night
5. The Ghost of You
6. Ours Again
7. It’s Just a Death
8. Words and Deeds
9. Let Me In
10. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
11. Second Skin
12. The Ardent Tide

Current Touring Band:

Stephen Carey (Adoration / This Burning Effigy)
Tony Pettitt (Fields of the Nephilim/NFD)
Simon Rippin (Red Sun Revival /NFD/Nefilim)
Rob Leydon (Red Sun Revival)
Bob Loveday (Violinist for Bob Geldof/Van Morrison)
Louise Crane
Meghan-Noel Pettitt
Monica Richards (Faith & The Muse)

A stunningly good album.

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