Dying Fetus – Reign Supreme CD review

Dying Fetus is now a household name in the technical death metal scene and over the past few years their sound has really matured and developed, forming a tight, colossal and powerful sound that is heard throughout each and every song on their 7th studio album, Reign Supreme. Containing some of the bands best songs to date, Reign Supreme is a hook laden, death metal groove train, transporting the listener into a whole new world of brutal death metal with insane shredding guitar licks, pounding, mind numbing blast beats and some of the filthiest and dingiest pig squeals you will ever hear. This is Dying Fetus going back to their good old fashioned roots, and by god… They have never sounded better! 

With song titles like ‘Subjected to a Beating’, ‘From Womb to Waste’ and of course the killer bonus track ‘Dead Whores Like to Fuck’, it would seem that Dying Fetus are just another band out to shock and cause as much tension and controversy as possible, but when you take away the ridiculously explicit song titles; these songs show off some real talent and every member of Dying Fetus gets their time to shine. It’s an album that needs everyone to pool together their skills and abilities to achieve that massive, sustainable and brutal sound that is needed to play death metal and Dying Fetus pull it off brilliantly on every track on this album.

The drum parts are the best bits of Reign Supreme, giving the tracks that driving, razor sharp edge needed to execute your ear drums the moment they kick in. They are what keep this album moving and without Trey Williams talent and incredibly fast legs behind the kit, songs such as ‘Second Skin’, ‘In the Trenches’ and ‘Devout Atrocity’ which must be not only physically, but mentally difficult and tiring  to perform would not be as skull crushingly violent and fierce as they are now. 

Compared to the bands last release entitled Descend into Depravity, is seems Dying Fetus have chosen to go for a bigger and cleaner production with Reign Supreme. Usually death metal bands going for a crystal clear production would be a MASSIVE no no, and that they should really stick to grimy and dirty sounding recordings. But because of this bigger and brawnier sound – tracks such as ‘Invert the Idols’ and ‘The Blood of Power’ sound humongous, looming over your speakers like the sounds of the apocalypse!

Reign Supreme is an album die hard Dying Fetus fans will love and it is also a great starting point for those who want to get into their death metal. Through its relentless brutality, ravenous extremeness and its pure musical talent, Reign Supreme has earned the right to be called the finest death metal release of the year thus far, leaving the listener begging for more and excited for the bands UK shows in September. BRING THE NOISE! [9/10]

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