Dygora – All Power To The People (video single)


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On 18 August 2020
Last modified:18 August 2020


Demonic death metal at its most evil.

‘All Power To The People’, the second of three single releases by Dygora from their upcoming EP release Ghetto Spiritual due out on Sept.3rd 2020 sees them once again smashing out some doom laden death metal.

Judging by the delivery I’d be surprised if Omar Swaby has any voice left after this four minute lung shredding barrage of hate. Musically its unrelenting twin guitar riffing that rages along almost telepathically and it’s all pinned down by superhuman kick drumming and lightning speed snare work.

Band links can be found below.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dygoraband Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dygora Bandcamp: https://dygora.bandcamp.com

Dygora band line up :-

Omar Swaby – Lead vocals.

Reece Beasley – Guitar.

Marc Cross – Guitar.

Archie Farrer – Bass guitar.

Kieran Heraghty – Drums.

Demonic death metal at its most evil.

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