Dust Bolt, Violent Demolition – Album Review


Dust Bolt are a mighty Thrash band from Germany. Formed in 2006 Violent Demolition will be their first album released under Napalm Records.

Being quite a thrasher myself I am looking forward to this. As usual I am going to admit that it is very likely that I will blab because I know I will enjoy this album.

The first of the album track is titled Opulence Contaminated. The mood is set straight away by suspended chords and fast riffing, then straight in with a fast thrash beat. I like the “GO”. A groovier thrash beat soon comes in, which in turn is replaced by an even groovier one, the classic structure. Slight pause and back in with a fast beat again. Not sure about the drum sound…AW MAN 1.04 that’s fucking awesome groove. I am loving the riffage in the background. Thrash vocals for me sit on a fine line between a pish shouty talk and a fast babble, but Lenny I think has the balance right. Haha I think there was a “THRASH” at 1.52. Great head-banging groove here, that’s what I like to hear.Ooo go back, 2.43! Can’t get enough of that groove. Some sweeping scales at 3 minutes in which is quite interesting and some guitar harmonies to follow. Fast as fuck solo, yes indeedy, that’s rather nice. That riff at 3.50 reminds me of Kreator, that can only be a good thing. YEESS 4.17! What a great way to end a track.

Violent Abolition starts off with a slower build up with more riffs and vocals. A slight pause and in with the beat. For me the section at 0.18 sounds a bit pants. But then I’m quite fussy with my blast beats. Love the groove 1 minute in on the drums, PINCHED HARMONIC. Aw, love the vocals in the chorus too “DEMOLITION” The vocal harmonies are great for screaming along to too. Another “THRASH”.  YEEES 2.18!! Love that groove! I want to see these guys live. An epic solo follows.

March Thru Pain gets right to the point and starts off with a fast thrashy beat. At 0.20 another superb beat with riffage to accompany it which then morphs into several other equally groovey beats until the speed picks up again. 1.11 is stomping, loving the little ornaments or “twiddly” guitar parts dotted about. There is a riff that you first hear at 1.44 that is quite Chuck Schuldiner, love it. Fantastic question and answer riffage and PINCHES at 2.05, I love little intricate sections like this. Back to the faster pace again. There is a really interesting slower section at 3.11 with suspended chords and a haunting guitar sound in the background which is then followed by a suspense section at 3.42, great for getting the adrenaline going.

The fourth track on the album is Shattered By Reality, I like the name. This track has a beautiful dreamy beginning which slowly evolves your senses and opens out as it progresses. Stunning. A deep and rich guitar sound comes in over the top and adds another layer of intensity and emotion. Suddenly the riff changes and I can feel myself going from a captivated, almost sad state of mind to a charged and violent state. The vocals kick in and the riffs reinforce this feeling with some really intricate sounding harmonies. This is my favourite track so far, there is so much going on! A solid groove kicks in at 2 minutes in. I love it at 2.44 when the faster beat is replaced by a groovy slower pace with the vocals powering through with the guitars. Another skilled solo, unfortunately they still fail to bring much to the track for me.

Toxic Attack is next. Chucky riffs to start, I am glad that each track is quite different and something new is brought to the table each time, instead of regurgitated beats over and over with different riffs. Also that tom sound on the drums irritates me. Love the section at 1.16 and the faster phrase directly after. Fantastic rolling drum section at 1.56 accompanied by chunky riffs and eventually, powerful vocal harmonies. This solo seems to fit in better. OOO 2.47 love that riff, great kick drum beat too. The chorus is quite powerful and catchy, great use of the vocals. I quite enjoyed the solos at the end, they seemed to fit in with the rest of the track. OO love the guitar harmony at the end.

Into Madness is next with a fantastic intro section to start. I can really hear the vocal range in this track, a mix of a thrash screaming and deeper growling which works really well to add some extra edge. I love the section beginning at 1.47, the main riff reminds me of Pantera. I can hear the death metal influence quite strongly in this track as well with the guitar sound and the way they are played. Best guitar solo in the album at 2.48, the suspended chords and drum beat behind works well.

Track seven is Oblivion. OOO VERY Deathy riff to start, I like. I am really enjoying this build up into the song, it sounds quite old school, those two riffs just make it for me, the drum beat fits in so well. Sorry I am not explaining this very well. Trust me it’s awesome. Oo some heavy groove at 0.42. AW AWESOME go back, 1.14! I love that, there is so much going on. I love the guitar harmonies at 3.49, emotive. Another extremely tight solo which unfortunately fails to capture my interest. OO some tapping at 5.10, the key changes are beautiful. Great ending.

Pleasure on Illusion is the next track. Quite a Deathy sound again to start. Very interesting. Lots of chops and changes which I love, I can hear other metal influences again, especially in the guitar at 1.27. Sweeps! At 3.12, sorry I spaced out a bit there. AH fantastic! 3.44, some “super smug head banging as I call it” complete with key changes. There is something Amon Amarth in the guitars in the background.

Deviance is the last track on the album. Already I am enjoying the chopping and changing in drums immensely. Oh yes 1 minute in, love that riff. Another stomping riff at 3.09 AND a pinch. Some amazing tapping at 4.05 with an emotive scream over it.

The mix of metal styles and influences used in this album really come through well and enrich the sound of the album. The whole album is drenched in head banging groove and tightness. However as well as raw energy the listener is enveloped in time and key changes which get the imagination going and creates an emotional attachment to the song as it evokes certain aspects of the mind. For example the quiet section at the start of Shattered by Reality.

Over all it is an album that has a lot to offer and will never bore you. Defiantly one to have on the ipod or in the car for when you feel in “that mood”. An essential.


Album rating 9 out of 10


Album Track List

1. Opulence Contaminated

2. Violent Abolition

3. March Thru Pain

4. Shattered By Reality

5. Toxic Attack

6. Into Madness

7. Oblivion

8. Pleasure on Illusion

9. Deviance


Band Line Up

Lenny B. – vocals / guitar
Flo D. – guitar
Bene M. – bass
Nico R. – drums


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