Deadly Circus Fire – Demo EP review

First of all, ignore the fact that Deadly Circus Fire look like Insane Clown Posse, because they don’t sound a thing like them. These London progressive metal bruisers have so much going on in their music it sends you insane in the brain. With industrial tinged ambient musicianship, dark and meaningful lyrics, and best of all…… slick bass groves. Deadly Circus Fire will leave everyone who listens to their amazing new Demo gobsmacked by the five amazing new tracks by everybody’s favourite heavy metal clowns. Comes with a note: “You can book us for parties, but don’t expect us to make you a dog out of a balloon”!

The vocal lines on this Demo CD send shivers down my spine every time I play it. Adam Grant is one hell of a vocalist; mastering the high and the low, the clean and the harsh as well as mesmerising the listener as he takes them on a dark and twisted journey through the meaningful lyrics he has written for these quite “Depressing” songs. His vocal’s are a force not to be reckoned with and it’s songs like ‘In the Back of My Head’ and ‘Carry the One’ that show that Adam is one of the BEST metal vocalists of the 21st Century.

There is so much going on in the music. It’s full of Polyrhythm’s, the obscure melody and rhythm sections  interweave  in every song, combining to form a hybrid of metal mayhem, that at some times may just sound like noise, and in others calm down to show musical serenity. The music fits perfectly with the lyrics, twisting and turning, changing mood and atmosphere when the lyrics change, getting heavier when the lyrics get more violent and softening when key phrases or ideas are jumping out at you, begging to be heard.

There is not one dull moment on this CD and every track is different making the Deadly Circus Fire experience different to anything you have heard before. Apart from tracks like ‘Threnody’, ‘Torchbearer’ and ‘Bury You Alive’ being musically quite progy, it is hard to compare Deadly Circus Fire to anyone out there in the metal scene at the moment or define them to a specific genre, making them unique, and making their Demo a must have in your 2011 CD collection.

This is only a Demo CD and with a full album release scheduled for the end of 2011, Deadly Circus Fire has the metal community eating out of the palms of their hands. The circus has come to town, and they aren’t here to scare little kids. They are here to promote their insane new Demo CD! [8/10]

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