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De Profundis

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On 16 May 2018
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Strap yourselves in as De Profundis break all speed limits

De Profundis return to batter your senses with their new album ‘The Blinding Light Of Faith’, the fifth full length offering of the bands career

Having steadily honed their sound over the years, the band are probably at that point now where the style of music is practically instantly recognisable as being theirs. ’The Blinding Light Of Faith’ as a whole album is totally uncompromising in its attack, which I was expecting to be honest. But what did please me immensely was the level of diversity contained therein, it would have been easy enough to churn out track after track of pretty generic Death Metal, however, De Profundis have obviously put a great deal of effort into creating something that offers a different slant on the usual, and the album benefit’s a lot from that

Album opener ’Obsidian Spires’ showcases where the band are at this moment in time I thought, Craig Land’s brutal vocal absolutely devastating in its brutality, against a pummeling backdrop of neck breaking riffs and solos that leave you pretty breathless. I used the word diversity earlier, that’s not to imply that the album is littered with piano led ballads of course, indeed, you couldn’t wish for a heavier album if you wanted to. It’s when you listen to tracks such as ’Godforsaken’ though, that’s when you get a true sense of the depth of material produced here, an incredibly well composed and constructed song that became an instant classic in my ears. Album closer ’Bringer Of Light’ , in my opinion anyway, takes the track of the album award, seven minutes of totally undiluted and frenetic Death Metal that puts many another band to shame

If you are buying a De Profundis album then you pretty much know you are going to get hit hard but this did pleasantly surprise me with the level of twists and turns, and as such should be seen as a big fat feather in the bands cap. If you’re scratching your head thinking of which album to buy next, you could do a lot worse than choose this one

Recommended Track – Bringer Of Light

Track Listing ;
Obsidian Spires
War Be Upon Him
Opiate For The Masses
Bastard Sons Of Abraham
Beyond Judgement
Bringer Of Light

Band Line Up ;
Shoi Sen – Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Arran McSporran – Fretless Bass
Craig Land – Vocals
Paul Nazarkardeh – Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Tom Atherton – Drums and Percussion

‘The Blinding Light Of Faith’ is out now via Transcending Obscurity

http://De Profundis Facebook

http://Transcending Obscurity Site


Strap yourselves in as De Profundis break all speed limits

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