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On 2 October 2015
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Barcelona, Spain's Daylight released One More Fight, a ten tune, melodic, cheery sounding, pop-punk album, in late 2014.

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Daylight, a self-proclaimed hard working pop-punk band from Barcelona, Spain, has released it’s latest offering, an album called One More Fight. One More Fight contains ten songs of pop-meets-rock-meets the melodic sensibility of punk, delivered on the gentler side.

The album’s mix is contemporary, crisp, loud, and clear. The sound balance is better through earphones then on an ambient system. Songs are generally richly melodic and uptempo. The music itself is very positive or optimistic sounding, creating a generally jovial mood. “Consequences” contains a downright beautiful, and very readily recognizable chord progression, vaguely reminiscent of a song like “99 Red Balloons”. There’s not a ton of tension building within tunes. There is some effort made to build momentum, but for the most part, songs have a ‘full speed ahead’, singular-mood, modern alt-rock vibe. Breaks and motives are peppered throughout the disc, fleeting and interesting.

The guitar has a little grit and some sting to it, but it’s nothing like the craziness of true hardcore punk. Songs are nicely composed and well-arranged. The tunes don’t have the same intense emotional hook or ‘grab’ effect as tunes from a band like The Wildhearts might, but for gentler fare or a calmer listener, Daylight’s approach will sit very well.

The main issue with the recording is that some of the vocal cut-ins or edits are obvious. “Anthem of the Broken”‘s first two choruses contain perfect examples. With eleven years of playing and recording under its belt, Daylight surely must be aware of this by now, so it’s not a big deal. The band will be better armed to avoid this problem in the future, possibly by utilizing a very finicky sound engineer.

One More Fight was released back in 2014 and is just now gaining Daylight some media attention. A fan of happy sounding modern alt rock, or pop-punk, might enjoy this.

Track listing:
Anthem Of The Broken
Now Or Never
We Are Strong
Another Day
Best Days Of Our Lifes
End Of The World
Crazy Youth Gone Wild

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Barcelona, Spain's Daylight released One More Fight, a ten tune, melodic, cheery sounding, pop-punk album, in late 2014.

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