Dawn of Ashes – Farewell to the Flesh EP

Farewell to the Flesh EP was released on February the 14th 2012. Some of the tracks on this album are remixes of tracks on their previous album Genocide Chapters. All the tracks for this album were recorded and mixed by Patrick Mundy, Volkar Kael, and Kristof Bathory at the home studios of Ross Robinson, Volkar, and Kristof.

To be honest I don’t know much about this band so I am interested to hear this EP.  Here we go!

The title track Farewell to the Flesh starts off the album with a theatrical instrumental beginning which gives way to chunky guitar riffs and double kicks. I expected the track to get heavier and faster after this but I was surprised to find it didn’t which for me added an element of interest as It wasn’t predictable. Strange synth sounds mixed with guitar riffs and random sections of vocals make this track quite unique. I do like the style of vocals and the heavier riffs. Some of the synth noises though personally don’t quite do it for me.

However this track is a very intriguing start to the album.

Transformation Within Fictional Mutation is a K. Bathory mix. It has quite a dreamy and otherworldly quality to it due to the samples and sounds used at the beginning. I liked when the distorted guitar sound and 80s sounding drums come in. Also 1.46 is quite groovy in a dark way.

Oooooo an awesome chunky riff followed by a dramatic pause and straight back in with an insane solo at 4.56, I love the guitar tone and all the lovely pinches.

The third track Carnal Consummation in the Empty Space is a Falling Skies mix. The track is quite slow to start with interesting drum beats, short riffs and vocal entries. An interesting track with lots going on but that was all it was for me.

Track four Carnal Consummation in the Empty Space is Die Sektor mix. Another slow start to this track, again with interesting sounds. The section at 2.00 with the choir sounds I like, the contrast between that and the heavier part after is interesting.

Carnal Consummation in the Empty Space is a Mega Therion Mix. I love the distorted evil sounding vocals at the start and the choir singing sounds. When the loud double bass kicks come in over the top it adds an extra dimension and grove, I like that a lot.

I very impressed yet again by the creativity of the sounds used by this band and Seething the Flesh in the River ov Phlegethon (The Juggernaut Mix) is a good example of this.

Torture Device Part 2 is a bit slow to start but I liked the vocal chanting the title of the track and the mental transition from that to the fast paced maniac section afterwards. The guitar riffs work really well with the keyboard in this piece and the building up to 1.25 is fantastic, especially when the uplifting classical sounds kick in. I think the last dreamy section of the track from 3.00 to the end with the piano works really well.

Blood-Shed With the 3rd Eye which is an instrumental leaves me feeling a bit unsettled at the end of the album.

Albums like this always make the best reviews as there is so much going on in each track and there is such a mix of styles and influences there is always something you will like or dislike.

I have to say although it is an album I wouldn’t otherwise listen to I found this album really interesting and I was impressed.

Although I do not claim to know much about recording the layers of this album are really thought out and when a certain instrument or sound comes through louder than the rest you can tell that hours have been spent pondering over the pitch volume of every small noise.

Rating 9 out of 10

Band Line Up

Kristof Bathory – God ov Impurity / Mastermind / Song-writer / Producer /
Keyboards /Suicidal-whore

Track Listing

01. Farewell to the Flesh
02. Transformation Within Fictional Mutation (K. Bathory Mix)
03. Carnal Consummation in the Empty Space (Falling Skies Mix)
04. Carnal Consummation in the Empty Space (Die Sektor Mix)
05. Carnal Consummation in the Empty Space (To Mega Therion Mix)
06. Seething the Flesh in the River ov Phlegethon (The Juggernaut Mix)
07. Torture Device Part 2
08. Blood-Shed With the 3rd Eye (Instrumental)


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