Dave Ritchie – WildFire Festival interview at Bloodstock 2014

Dave Ritchie WildFire FestivalI spoke to Dave Ritchie festival organiser of WildFire Festival, which is the new name for Les-Fest at this year’s Bloodstock.

Les-Fest- WildFire, now in its fourth year,welcome to Scotland’s award winning, Classic Rock and Metal Festival. Next Festival to be held from Friday 26th June until Sunday 28th June 2015, at Wiston Lodge, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

First Bands Announced: Tygers of Pan Tang, Lawnmower Deth, Holocaust, Tysondog, Lord Volture, Press To Meco, Kaine. Silverjet, Ronin, The Mercy House, The Idol Dead and Line of Fire




Tickets – http://www.wildfirefestival.co.uk/Page%205.htm

Kickstarter Campaign – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1047126115/lf4-wildfire



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